Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Larger than life

Why volunteer? Why continue to do BOAT year after year, or rather, 2 years after 2 years. Why subject yourself to all the problems you need to solve as a facilitator, organiser with many hours of committment and weekends burnt? Only to feel used and abused? Why?

Indeed, it is much more fun to simply be organising activities for ourselves only. Less the trouble, less the red tapes, less the torment of having to handle difficult participants.One need not join a group like TPAC to enjoy trekking or getting to know new friends. But there is a catch. It can happen for only as long as you have friends and kakis, who, are single and free, like you are, with lesser committments so to speak of. Sure, friends are important. And it is for the people that we first decide to continue to stay on. Beyond that, we begin to ask ourselves, the very meaning behind our existence, as an individual. Or are we someone who wants to do something better?

It's hard to see someone else's perspective, unless you're in it yourself. I just hope that time will tell. Because it has become a fact, that people will come and people will go. That the merits of being a volunteer at TPAC outweighs the advantages of merely being an organiser for your friends. The personal development and growth, opportunities to meet people from all walks of life and the avenue to further outdoor pursuits. Trekking mountain after mountain, without a clear objective, is just going to get boring after a while. Why are you trekking so hard for?

This June, I am bringing people to Gunung Arong. I don't know about you. but I have found a place and I want to share it with more people. I want more people to discover that outdoor pursuits are not just for the gutsy and garang, but for the average person like you and I.

One needs to add meaning to life, deeper than life itself.


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