Wednesday, September 27, 2006

10 Reasons It's Hard To Lose Weight

Especially for those fighting their perpetual battle against their diets.

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Intermittent stair climbing improves fitness

Ripped this article off the monthly reads sent out by the gym on 3rd floor.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What's Cooking?

I fell in love with lemon pepper tuna last year when I visited a friend in OZ. I visited Canada recently and returned with a couple of them. You can't get this in Singapore you know? This what I had for dinner because Mom is in Malaysia and I rejected the da bao offer.

Fusilli (my fav pasta), lemon pepper tuna, omelette, thai chilli powder, basil and...garlic spread. Yes garlic spread because that's what I found in the fridge and because I was too lazy to chop my own garlic. It tasted good (surprisingly because I never liked tuna with pasta).

Strange inventions happen when you're bored :P

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I'm at it again

Trying to be the expert when I really am not. It only takes a real expert to tear away my external facade to find that I am really just an empty shell. So what am I really doing? Writing proposals on technologies I've never used. And reading up doesn't automatically qualify me as an expert. So what happens when we get the job, I go figure. This does not translate to getting external vendors's help, you wish. I will probably be the one wiping the backsides of many.

What am I doing next? Preparing another proposal to convince people to part with their money. It's tremendous effort to keep up with the facade that HE has created for me. (Yeah, please take a good look at yourself in the mirror) It's pretty obvious I don't see eye to eye with the style of decision making.

I am the way, come follow me. It is the style and the way. It reminds me of _someone's_ antics back in the days of BBS. "Because I say so." Don't you just feel helpless? It eats you up from inside. Slapping a 2 months on me is not going to make me any more loyal than I am now. Yes, you can surely see that I am sore over the fact that my employee number has changed.

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Monday, September 18, 2006

BLUE is my middle name

Just as I expected. My cubicle has grown legs and walked away on its own.

Blue is my Monday. Blue is my first day at work. Blue is the down pour. BLUE is my notice which just got extended to 2 months, no perks. Blue is my mood.

Blue + Bleu = Blue Blue

Frankly speaking, 2 months and 3 months is not so much of a difference. But from 1 month to 2, definitely is. Is it going to make me any more loyal? Jolly big fat NO.

Asked 26 floor and got a damn bloody patronising answer worse than that from a 10-year series.

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Around the world in 48 hours

The CA trip was on the rocks. It was. Now it's the Rockies. Dinosaurs work with many strings that does wonders. I didn't exactly travel around the world, but well, I crossed the GMT, didn't I?

I did the craziest thing of travelling without any document except the little red book and just one string of 6 characters in this heightened security climate. Problems were expected, I knew it, I just didn't think it would be quite an adventure. Packed in under 2 hours zipped to the airport with no currency, and travelled 4 cities in under 48 hours. By the end of 14 days, I had touched 6 cities.

The carrier served me well with its smooth journey and efficient logistics (isn't it expected considering the flight cost me my salary?), less the crew, which always never fail not to impress. Hey, it takes less than 3 hours to get to SFO! You wish right? But anyhow, I did get there in 3 hours. Middle of the night long transits are the worst. So I waited for about 10 hours to get onto the next flight. Thats where the adventure begins.

I forgot coocoos in an ang moh country are very confused. After taking eons to reach the front of the queue and failing to use the self serve terminal and trying very hard to tell them that I had a problem which needed attention, I was forced to queue again. They couldn't find my name in the system and sent me to an interline in the ADJACENT terminal who proclaimed that I was not on either! The result? A missed flight.

I returned with a black face, after a long transit, sleepless night, growling stomach and a missed flight. They managed to put me on a direct flight instead of a transit, that's good news, right? Right, the missed flight set me back by an hour on a direct flight. Wrong. The agent had mistakened 7pm for 7am. What I really needed was the NEXT available flight, not another 12 hours waiting time! Our flights were changed but I wasn't convinced she managed to make the correction for the checked in baggage. I asked and I checked, but there's really nothing I couldn't have done to prevent the 3 baggages which did not arrive when I did.

Anyhow, all is not lost for I received news of my belongings 24 hours later. But hey I tell you, you don't want to ever lose your luggage. Trust me.

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