Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Darling S60

It is back! Thank goodness I don't have to fork a single cent for the repair since it seems to have "intermittent" problems. Was told some parts are being replaced. Yay...I can go to Cameron Highlands with a camera!

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Pervert Lurking in Bishan

I saw a gross middle aged man this morning. I think he must be sick in the mind, doing what he should not be doing right there in broad day light, free show for all to see. I think it's worse than meeting a FLASHER. It completely spoilt my day. Ladies, beware.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Getty Images

I cannot stand it anymore, the pictures I saw on Getty Images are simply awesome.
To all nature lovers, do a search for "hiking" and browse thru those awesome pictures!

I love nature :)

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The Girl Next Door

NO, I'm not going to write about your sweet lass but a middle aged woman who sat next to me in class today. Seated less than 30 cm away from me, I'm not impressed that she had more than 10 phone calls on her mobile. I'm certainly not impressed that she blatantly answered it when the class was going on. I'm even more not impressed that she thought nothing of it. And she did not even bat an eyelid doing so. The people around her turned to look at her many times. Either she's stupid or acting dumb.

Thanks, but no thanks.

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Sunday, July 24, 2005


Too much nua-ing can be a bad idea. I become lazy. I am even too lazy to get out of the house.

Really ought to give myself a good kick in the ass and get myself moving.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Knowledge is Power

Subject: Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services M9
Mr K convinced me to take the classes.

Ok, I'll take it since I'm so free anyway. It doesn't hurt to know more stuff, does it? Knowledge is power. Classes start on Monday. So fast, I'm still in my nuaz mode. Having to wake up early on Monday morning is like the last thing on my mind.

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Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

The queue for the snacks here are usually snaking long. I decided to queue for it as I was, the fifth person in line, to try for myself what the big deal this is about so much so that it warrants the long queues.

I ordered the XXL Crispy Chicken and the Crispy Floss Egg Crepe.

Verdict: XXL Crispy Chicken, $3
The meat was tender but it's really no big deal and I think my mum makes better ones anyway! What made it tempting was the XXL size and the msg seasoning, if you happen to crave for it. If you ask me, it tastes way better in Taiwan! That's for sure. And the seasoning, tastes like your Mamee bbq seasoning :P

Verdict: Crispy Floss Egg Crepe, $3
Anything with floss seems to taste good, including this one. I have not come across this snack when I was in Taiwan a year back though. There are 3 layers, plain flour layer on the outside, omelette layer in the centre, followed by a layer of floss. It was made into a roll and some sauce was poured over it. Be prepared to wait for this as each roll has to be individually made. I think its a tad overpriced.

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

The doctor..

Very free nowadays. The doctor wanted to meet up. Ok, I'm so free anyway.
We went to J8, he's actually still studying for some exams. We went to Swenson's.

I was very surprised when he told me he didn't know that salt causes cramps. He didn't know there exists this thing called repalyte, that is meant to replenish your body's electrode imbalance. any other guy wanting to build up muscles, and so he asked me that. Well, its more than just working desperately on the weights and machine in the gym. Principles of fitness, FITT, just how you want me to tell you in less than a few sentences?

I am more and more convinced that doctors have no concept of fitness at all.

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Something Stupid

I did something stupid again. I agreed to sign up for real run. (Thanks Bee who offer help me reg)

6km road / 1.6km sand / 2.4km trail = 10km @ Sentosa

Now I am sick, I got 1 mth to train. I haven't exercised for the last 2 months. I see how I am going to die.

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Choo Choo Longkang Trek

17.07.2005. It was a cloudy day and it started off with me wanting to scold someone.

My friend had wanted to join me but backed out in the end. Cos it was raining heavily and knowing her character, she was just looking for an excuse NOT to get out of the house. Its her weakness and she knows it jolly well. She speaks of it but yet does nothing about it. Sigh. I know I cannot do anything because, its her right.

Friend #2 overslept. I couldn't blame her. The weather was made just to sleep in on a Sunday morning.

Imagine if I had only asked her. Then I would have been left STRANDED.

More about the trek here.

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I feel like....

I feel like....piercing my ears leh.......

I got my first pair cos of my mum's endless nagging that all gals should have ear holes. *bleah* She went on and on about how all of my female cousins got their pierced at a very tender young age.

I got my second pair when I was 16 or 17. Cos....don't know why....

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Wednesday, July 13, 2005


I went to the library today, something I had not done for ages. As all my friends know, I don't visit the library for nothing.

I was waiting for anloofong. Was supposed to meet him and he was very late! Hmm...shd hv warned me first. Anyway, I borrowed 2 books.
  1. The Complete Book of Women's Running
  2. The Complete Guide to Circuit Training

I lugged the 2 books home despite my heavy barang....

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Soya Ice Cream @ Mr Bean

I love soya and I secretly think it whitens the skin.

Anyway, I was waiting for a friend when I noticed Mr Bean sells Soya Ice Cream.

My verdict:

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Last Day

It's kinda mixed feelings. I guess I will miss my lunck kakis afterall even though we are not as close like CL. But they are really nice people. They are probably about the only nice people I have met there.

In front of my bozo, say want to farewell for me AGAIN. Hee...but this time not free la. We went to the Pasta Fresca at PTB, looking enviously at the Fish & Co next door. So comfy! Wah, next time must go!

Stupid bozo. I not racist. But the ah neh....Someone explain why everyone who gets into your project either leaves (because they have been here enough donkey years to not be bullied by you) or quits. The big one never even show anything except to ask me if I got my bonu$. I bet he hope so much that I didn't get. (You so kpo for what! So concerned whether I found a job or not and whether I got bonu$ or not, why u so concerned with my rice bowl for huh?) The small one, walked past my desk and looked at me with slanted eyes (thinking I did not see). C wat C! OK my last day liao. U will not see me ever again. And I hope I will never ever bump into you 2 too. So stay put where u belong here and never get out.

I will also miss lunch with MY and her new friend. It was nice seeing her here of all the places.

My african violet from bee has been donated to my only other gal lunch kaki. Hope she can make it flower. The ventilation in the office is really bad. After so many months in the water, all I can see are the roots. :(

Ok, time to go, my stuff are packed. Just 2 bags full, not much compared to my CL days. Time to go to ulu Cargo Complex to do HR clearance (dumb right?). Ok, I actually have to take 2 buses to get there even though its so near. I took 2 to Changi V, then 19.

My VP, I need her clearance. Somehow I think she is a xiao li cang dao. I don't believe whatever nice things she says.

Payroll. I got my pay for 13 days of July. Less everything else....there's almost nothing left to get back. :(

Finally HR. Nothing much. They must be so used to this after being here for donkey years (who isn't)

I bought a drink at the canteen before departing. The abang at the drinks stall was jovial as usual. The kind of words he says, would usually make your day.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Exercise & Fitness

OK, I've decided. I've decided its time to start many blogs.

Take a look at A Streak of Fitness, My Travel Tales & not forgetting, my love-hate relationship with TPAC.

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Sports & Fitness Warehouse Sale

It's on at Tai Seng, thanks to Auntie Lu who tell me there's one going on.

I bought:
  1. Karrimor backpack (Ridge 30 - 35L in yellow/coal), $40
  2. Nike Sports Bra, $34.90
  3. 2 Resistance Tubes, $20
  4. Nike Sports Sandals, $55 -10%

See la, jobless still spend money again.

The backpack was the last piece there, it was originally $45, but the guy decided to give me more discounts for it being the last piece. He apparently didn't know his stuff well enough and told me there was no rain cover for it. I went home and found the raincover though! Hmm..quite a cute guy...

Finally, I bought my sandals to replace my 6 y.o. Converse sports sandals. Had wanted Teva, but no sizes left.

I'm rushing home to go for yh & ss wedding! Rush Rush!

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My Darling Powershot S60

Is in sick bay! BOOHOO!

It autozooms on its own.
None of the buttons respond.

I took it to the service centre.

Besides being amazed that the guy there (the same guy who served me last time for my S45) remembers that I always go hiking, my camera suddenly became alive. The autozoom function was only "faulty" once. And everything after that seems to appear as though nothing was wrong.

Hmm..anyway, I sent it in for servicing and cleaning since it was still under warranty.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

The Wedding @ RSYC

I've been to countless weddings.
I've been jie mei too many times.

I've grown jaded, at what is love, what love is.
Yet, one time too many, I cannot help but to feel happy for the couple.
That they have found their one true love.
It is a coming of age.

I salute them for their bravery in taking this big step forward. Expenses, houses, loans, renovations, in-laws, furniture, the wedding...and more. It can drive one nuts.

No matter how simple an event it may be, or an elaborate one it becomes.
I wish the couple a blissful wedded matrimony and may their love be overflowing eternally.

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Sunday, July 10, 2005


This trip, I bleed.

I lost:


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Friday, July 01, 2005

Staff Travel

It certainly feels good, especially when u can skip the queuing!

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