Monday, January 23, 2006

Chee Cheong Fun + Porridge?

With a URL screaming there (ok, its not really screaming, but I was observant enough to see it)...It's such a weirdo combi and the adventurous streak in me forced me to try it. It was lunch time (already past 1pm) and I wasn't that hungry anyway. So I decided to try. For $2.50, I got a char siew chee cheong fun and some (a few soup spoonfuls probably) very little ingredients century porridge.

The porridge is not too bad, except it had very little ingredients (I think it was meant to be that way, since most of the cost goes to the chee cheong fun).
The chee cheong fun was freshly wrapped came looking very wrinkly. But it tasted not bad. And most interestingly, it actually had greens in it and didn't taste funny. There was some lettuce and baby kailan shreds in it.

By the way, this hawker centre serves up some of the cheapest and nicest food around. $0.80 ice kacang and $2 lunches still plentiful here. I hope it stays that way.
On a same note, did you know that this hawker centre near chomp chomp has an excellent $6 fish & chip stall? Not only is the fish & chips excellent, they serve up one of the nicest cakes at a fraction of usual prices you find at Coffee Bean. Stand at the stall front and you'll be drooling to buy every piece of cake they have! My favourite is the chocolate cake (it's damn huge) even though I'm not exactly a chocolate addict.

What's so nice about the cakes? Well, it tastes home made. You can see and taste the cake, not the cream. It's not your usual cake with nothing but cream, cream and more cream. Sometimes I wonder if its the cake or the cream I'm eating.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

What Fruit Am I?

Courtesy of ewok

Take the What Fruit Are You? test by Ellen!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Caught this program as I was about to turn off the TV when I saw this damn 拽 guy up there. He didn't submit his picture and sold himself off as charming. Ok, in person, he don't fare too bad (compared to the last guy I saw don't know when) He's about my height. God is fair la. He's looking for a tall, slim, long haired pretty face. I switched off...another one looking for a pretty accessory to hang his arm around.

He does not mind her being taller, in the hope that his future generation will be taller. (Duh) He has his preferences while others have their choices. That's a 30 y.o. guy for you. Guys really cannot see beyond the surface (read: shallow) huh? No matter how cool you look, your character shows all. *blah* That cool, arrogant can't get away with it all the time. :P

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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Singapore River Raft Race

It's been quite some time since I did something mad. Goodness knows why I did it but it was very very fun, very high. Before, all I felt was me wanting to sleep after slogging it out the day before (we were nearly disqualified la) and very little sleep another day before that. I wasn't even thinking. To be frank, the final design that went into the water had not been tested.

We were to build a raft out of scrap materials. And the award has to go to the toilet bowl cover paddle we created. It's a good paddle with a large surface area. The only thing about it is that you need a lot of bull strength to paddle, I have aching arms and back now. The consolation came when we saw the rafts competing for the creative category. Thank goodness we changed our mind in the end.

Many supporters came to join in the fun with our very own paparazzi gang with cameras and digital camcorders. The yellow t-shirt is hard to miss. As usual, we created such a commotion and nearly created a funeral procession in the process. Oooh, the wacky things they did...I nearly wanted to dig a hole in the ground and bury my face there. But then again, on a day like that, there was every reason to be crazy. (See what happened to the tin?)

Hey, the water there may not be crystal blue but its very clear! Actually, being the first out of 8 to go into the water, really bo hua you know? It was almost like waiting for the water to seep into your raft. Before we even started, 1 jerry can (we added it only an hour ago) had loosened, throwing us off balance. So we moved like a road hog, cutting the lanes of all the others. At about 85m, 1 of the 2 anchor points in front gave way. I must have been too heavy la. Time to go on a diet.

Surprise, surprise, it turned out, we were the fastest raft in race 7 right from the start. Or maybe cos I have 2 dark and handsome men behind me. Quick! Congratulate me anyway! It was a first time I did something like that. I think, I will do it again if I have a chance. :P

I was told, our "parking lot" and the raft number came out in yesterday's 4D. Shucks! Haha, like I usually buy like that :P

Rewarding ourselves with triple celebration of 3 person's birthday at Hans.

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Monday, January 09, 2006

Rain Rain Go Away

I spent the morning at beautiful MacRitchie. Solitude walks, munching and watching some get drenched on the reservoir. Thinking about having to wake up early when I could be home sleeping. I figured it was a wise choice to stay dry.

Lunch. I was the last in. WL gestured the last remaining empty seat right there in the middle of the table. I plonked my Salomon down and returned only to find myself in the middle of CK. Erm..not exactly a strategic location. Anyway, I finished my lunch and they were talking about what happened that morning.

Throughout the entire process, everyone naturally contributed to the convesation except CK. While K responded with nods and smiles, C seemed irritated just being there. Before I had finished my drink, said, let's go. I sensed the foul mood, so did XQ.

I hope its due to a drenched morning.

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Sometimes, in life you're forced to make certain decisions. Before you know it, time passes. Looking back, I think I made the right choice and I'm glad to have done it or I would never have realised.

It reveals the true colours of a person. Perhaps forced by circumstances, by someone else or by life's decisions. But nevertheless, it only reveals the true mental strength of a person and perhaps, tests of character. Cos ultimately, for better or for worse, you make your own decision.

Trials and tribulations does mould (maybe you can say change) a person.

I read a blog today. It says "Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be strong." I think its true.

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Some People Have All The Luck


Some people really have all the luck in the world. I was near Kallang River that day, curious about the raft. I met an 1d10t1c guy (I guessed to be a chinese construction worker) with his zip down airing whatever. Totally quite very extremely unsightly walking along the busy road near Kallang MRT, passing by bus stops, traffic and all in the opposite direction from me in broad daylight. As I passed by when he said very hard leh.

Being the tee-kee person I am, do you want me to:

Of course, there was no time to do any of the above and I pretended not to see him and continued with my search for that "place at Kallang River".

Something similar happened only a few months ago. Totally spoiled my sight first thing in the morning. My luck is...just there.

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My Latest Invention

At least 30 people now know about my famous Tom Yam thing else. Ok, now they can try to copy. That is of course.

I saw the black pepper sauce sitting in the fridge a week ago and have been craving for it. I went to the NTUC and started shopping. Same concept, total success. You know sunflower kernels taste damn good in them. My dad kept complaining at the time I took. Ok, obviously I took longer than my mum does cos I don't know where she hides the stuff. Complain what! Also not cooking for you! Anyway, the conclusion was me ending up praising myself. How shameless can I get?

While I was at the NTUC, I saw something else. snow peas! They're small, light and cheap! Only $0.80/pkt. 3 packets will be more than enough. I'll try that out the next time I fill out my red Cerre Torres.

My latest invention 2 is a pasta salad. Good good...

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Sunday, January 08, 2006


Today is one of the few days I managed to steal a few more glances at my darling TV.

Happen to catch this program whereby this hero did some stunt many many storeys above "safe". Bl**dy hell, what did I see? He removed the main line, the hero stepped off the platform, or in the midst of the movement, then he hooked on the safety line.

My goodness, for whatever crap reasons, is not a good enough reason. Because the hero could have just slipped and fallen.

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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Google Earth

Have you seen it? I tried it today. Its simply cool! Satellite images of anywhere on Earth. You should try it. Google Earth

First, you can do this:

Then, you can also do this!

Maybe one day, I'll be able to find you at home too. :P

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