Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In The Midst of H5N1 & Terror Attacks

In the midst of it all, I did something. I visited the city of Jarkata. Despite US Alerts that the terror would strike after Hari Raya, specifically the Chinese. Despite the fact that the fact that the cases of bird flu seems not to be getting better. Before going, I recall watching the news about how badly hit the city has been. It was not positive and I had to say, demoralising, knowing that I was going to visit a place like that. I can't say which was worst. Was it better to be bombed to death? Or to die of bird flu?

So I went and returned. The news seems to show us the worst side of it. JKT seems pretty peaceful afterall. It doesn't show signs of being under terror or in the midst of an epidermic. I ate and ate for the 2 - 3 days I was there, fried chicken and pigeon soup in bamboo tubes inclusive. So indulgent was the eating that I felt I have sinned and in the process, put on 5 kg.

Oh, the trip? Check it out here.

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A Chinese Christian Indonesian Engagement

I have no idea if Tjan is Catholic or Christian. But all 9 of us were very well looked after on the entire trip to JKT. Everywhere you go, people do not understand you. They understand extremely little English if you're lucky. You feel like an 1d1ot when you try to communicate. Everywhere you go, people spoke Bahasa Indonesia, including the wedding. The emcee spoke bahasa (no translation), so were the solemization and prayers of thanksgiving.

It is still pretty much a Chinese Wedding. The day started at something like 6 am when I was still sound asleep. Bride woke up at 430 am. The usual customary stuff took place but it was more elaborate. It seems that this was a pretty traditional one with more things the groom had to get for the bride. They don't have the stuff like the brothers or sisters like we usually do.
There were 4 wedding planners. They took care of all the logistics stuff, ensuring things happen when they should. But like any event, Murphy's laws still apply. There were some 500+ people. This is round 1, the engagement. Round 2 would be the wedding, another 500 odd people. Thats 1000 people! I would never imagine a thousand people wedding party in Singapore.

The march-in was a little different. They took the time to introduce the couple, making it look a little more grand than it actually is. Eveyone waited in anticipation. The entourage was led by some 6 'candle girls', followed by the parents of the bride and the groom. Then finally the bride and the groom.

The decoration, the ambience was very nicely done, though a little dark with red lanterns and dark grey curtains and red roses. There was a live band singing. And you feel that "love was in the air" feeling or that 'true love' and 'the one' really exists. It made you feel like falling in love again. (Which is why I say too watching too much romance movies and listening to too many love songs ain't necessary a good thing) This was something you don't really feel when attending local weddings back in SG. So was it the work of the wedding planners? I know not.

There was no yum seng, only a toast to the couple, I think? T2 made his virgin CNN broadcast on behalf of the GSocks, talking through the mic facing the camera man.

The wedding favour was a grandma and grandpa keychain. It was a sweet little thing. It was a horrible thing the waiters started to clear the tables when the wedding hadn't ended. They cleared our wedding favours! #$^&!*( Aii. We were all too excited when our names were announced only to be back, disappointed.

The food was good. There was no shark's fin! Good. I never liked it anyway. It's an expensive and cruel 'delicacy' with no nutritional value. My wedding (if I ever hold one) will have no shark's fin. In place was minced pigeon soup in bamboo 'tubes'. It was very good and tasty indeed.

The whole environment was very noisy actually. As though you were in a pub, not being able to hear clearly what the next person was trying to say to you. You couldn't hear the person 2 seats next to yours. There was this huge flower vase on the table, which for some reason they couldn't remove, obscuring your view of the person across.

I guess, its gonna be a long time before we see Tjan again.

The only thing I didn't understand was, an engagement done with the tea ceremony?

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Thursday, November 24, 2005


I seem to have something against MEN nowadays and I wonder if its cos of my luck. I was going home tonight when this stupid OLD man, came along and plonked himself beside me carrying many ding dongs and lining the whole length of his femur side by side in contact with mine. I'm not fat, I really am not. Why do you still take up so much space on the seat when I'm squeezed right in already. @!%$#&@

He totally had 0 control over his body. He's a kayu as well, I was figeting in my seat and very restless, showing obvious discomfort in my position. I turned my head, 90 degrees and stared straight at him, maybe thru him. It didn't work. Apart from not using his his darn adductors, he very buay kay kee leaned his body weight right on me when the bus was turning on a roundabout. I felt so much like pushing him off his seat 'accidentally' when the bus veered into the other direction. Damn it. Yes. WOMEN are EVIL. I WANT to push that OLD man off his seat so he'll end up on the floor.

I'm not cold, thank you. I don't need any warmth from anyone, even if you are a young, handsome hunk. Don't come near me, I BITE!

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Internet Again

As a child, we all knew how to get what we want from our parents. If mama doesn't give, go to papa. Otherwise, go to ah ma or ah gong. Sure can get. I just didn't know it applies here as well. I returned from a meeting yesterday and was having lunch with with B2 (boss #2). We were just having casual conversations and he happened to ask about the work, of which I said ok (you never say work is not fine to your boss ma!), except that the internet is a little inconvenient (What little, it's DAMN inconvenient ok!) I went about elaborating how I realised it was actually a 'tradition' passed down from the 'parent'. We are separated now, but the policies remain unchanged. Yes, yesterday's technology to do tomorrow's work. I never really expected him to put in a request for me, really. Internal billing: $4.95/mth.

I mentioned it to B1 (boss #1) before who said probably cannot because the rest of the SAs don't have it. (HUH? sounds like what RK said to me last time. If other people don't make noise, then we also cannot make noise. Totally lost all respect for her!) Nevermind, I will not insist on it cos, we got to be fair right? In my heart, I thought, how convinving can he be when he has internet connection himself. He does..project management, some bit of database stuff, 0 programming. He has never touched JAVA - the language they use for WEB-BASED development projects. I suspect, when he was doing his coding in his younger days, it was never for a web-based project either.

They never get it. The MEN (yah, MEN again!) don't get it. Let me tell you, even if the PC is right in front of me where I have to shift my lazy butt out of my seat to get to it, I will be 'too lazy' to use it.

Still, I'm not happy. I'm not the first SA to get internet connection. There was one but she no longer works here. I wish the rest of the SAs could have internet connection. Its a necessity, not a luxury item! Was complaining to an ex-colleauge over the MSN as usual, he said, 'no internet, no work' :P

Sigh, now, I feel like, the more privileges they give you, the harder you're supposed to work. The lap top is on the way. It's supposed to help me with demos and presentations. :( No internet, complain. Got internet, also complain. Too tuff.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How I Wish!

I went to the HUB for a meeting this morning. It was scheduled at 930 am. What an excellent timing. I woke up at 830am finally after numerous reminders from my alarm clock with started ringing at 7am. At 915am, I took a bus to TPY. And was there at 925am. JIT for the meeting. Ahh...so good right? I wish I was working here. Even if I'm late, its just 15 minutes away. To think that my office was previously located here! Now, I can only SIGH~!

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm not Excited Over Anything

There's a problem with me. I don't get excited over anything anymore. Not work, not life, not when someone gets married, not when someone gives birth. I'm numb to so many things, I find. Seriously, I don't find myself getting excited at the thought that someone is tying the knot soon and making the bold move to get on into the next phase of life. To me, its just the 'next phase'.

I met a friend at the gym yesterday who told me his solemization was in 2 weeks time, which explains why he's at the gym after a binge trip to BKK. I didn't even say a word of congrats. It sounds just like any of those, my birthday is tomorrow, I'm going to have dinner with XYZ. It sounds just like another activity. What's new? What's wrong with me?

Weddings are boring. Food and gatherings, that's what it is. And mostly, I see the couple walking through the motion of it all. Instead of seeing real joy, I see a sense of tiredness from being up and about the entire day. It's almost mechanical and sometimes done because the parents want it so.

Babies, they're cute. Erm, that's about it. Besides, not all babies grow up to be angels. Some contribute to the spoilt brats I see running wild at the shopping malls.
I cannot recall when was the last time I was truly excited or elated about anything. Or perhaps, it's been too long anything happened to really touch me. Despite the many things I do, life is just life. It goes on. The sun will shine like the earth will continue with its orbit around the sun.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Close Shave

I went for a meeting and then a late lunch at the Hub. Their offices are modelled exactly like mine. Or rather, I think it's the other way round. I finally realised why, I don't have internet access on MY machine. 2 years ago, what they hired were what they considered 'lowly programmers'. Today, the programmers have become Systems Analysts but still sit in the 'outside' cubicles alongside the rest of the non-executives who do not have internet access. It's really a case of old mindset not adjusting to new challenges and demands. So therefore, I am expected to produce tomorrow's quality work with yesterday's technology. What a paradox!


Must go and buy 4D already. I dropped my wallet but managed to find it back. Its the first time I got back my lost wallet within the hour. The finder was an elderly ah ma. She picked it up and was just waiting for someone to be back to claim it. I was really thankful.


I noticed the cleaners at Gourmet Paradise are very grumpy and defensive. They seem to be pushing responsibilities around and not a little helpful and at the same time have a major dislike for their supervisor. Very unlike the typical retired older adults I'm used to. The kinder ones answered me, the less kind ones, just asked me to ask someone else. I approached one and asked if she's seen a lost wallet. No was her reply. Then I asked if there's any lost and found. She only gestured for me to ask 'the one in white'. But I have no idea what that is because there are many people in white. It took be many attempts before she told me 'the one in white' is the supervisor, who obviously is no where to be seen.

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Being The Effective Manager

I was reading Recruit today and this line caught my eye:

If you accept substandard work, you will continue to lose time correcting
mistakes that can be avoided. If you insist on maintaining a high standard
of work and push back work that you feel is below par, employees will come
to you with work that is closer to the finished outcome than before.

Doing so will also enable them to be more productive and to
perform at a level that enables promotion, work satisfaction and a positive
work culture.

I guess it applies to a lot of things in life. But I choose to disagree when it comes to the later part. Promotion? Work satisfaction? Who doesn't work for money :P

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Friday, November 18, 2005

'Jurong Rapist'

I met 'Jurong Rapist'. Never did liked him because he was never nice to me, no matter how nice others might perceive him to be. And always hovering around me because of the pretty lass I was always with. His 'friends' had to fulfil a certain criteria to be 'friend'. So if you're ugly, you had better not apply.

I met 'Jurong Rapist' today. He looked like I offended him. WTH. I don't owe you money.

He was there with a 'friend'. It's not easy to guess that the 'friend' was female and this female 'friend' was his girlfriend. I don't understand why he had to hide the fact and even attempted to walk out of the shop separately from her. What a guy to have for a boyfriend.

Then again, it could be just me. Since our feelings for each other is mutual. ie. We basically do not like each other.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

1 month

I am 1 month old. Should I celebrate? I'm seriously peeved with no internet, yet I cannot do anything about it, much less be able to justify asking for one. It's just really sickening. Especially when the people who say NO have internet access. Especially when I know internet to an IT person is not a luxury but a necessity. Especially when I know the only reason is so that they don't trust you enough to give it to you (They are worried you will spend time not working).

Spent the past 2 days struggling to figure my way with Eclipse, without the internet. WTH. Pissed. I'm not getting anywhere. Just how much do you expect from someone who has hardly used IDEs. Seriously, the hard part is never the programming. But THIS.

Today, had a meeting with my 2 bosses about the meeting tomorrow. The only good thing, I get to steal a few more z's cos the location is nearer home.

We were discussing a large scale project that easily needed us to get another 10 programmers. And this was what my very "tactful" boss said.

Don't mind ah..(Like I have a choice to say I mind. Nonsense.)
"We could get contract programmers on 2 year contract. 1 year development, 1 year warranty, covers the project. If we don't need them after that, we don't have to renew them."

Very practical. Well, I take it that I should also consider leaving once my time is up. I guess, I'll be practical about my stay too. Truth be spoken, I don't even feel for the company because I'm on contract. I don't feel proud of my company or even feel I belong to this place. Maybe it's too early to make a judgement now. But its probably something that's feeding the lifestyle now. Its just another transaction and another job. Career? Far from it.

I told myself that I will give IT one last chance. If it doesn't work, looks like I'll really be executing my plan B in 1 - 2 years time.

Walking back just now, I was thinking...If I were on contract, why then am I also subjected to probation?! 6 months is not a short probation!

So much about being 1 month old.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Money is not a problem

Charity begins at home right? Rightfully. I visited the home yesterday with 2 other colleauges and MD. It was about 7pm. If not for the lights, the home looks slightly scary with no one around except for us. The electrical wiring probably wasn't very well done yet and it tripped, leaving us in total darkness if not for the almost full moon. If you ask me, its still pretty lit, still not that close to pitch darkness yet. The urban dwellers were so worried about tripping and falling and MD talking about not bringing his night vision goggles. A little too paranoid and overly careful, by any of my standards, its ALMOST FULL MOON! What I mean is well, we have to becareful but it seems to be a huge feat to walk in darkness to them. Ok, maybe I should forgive old people for being paranoid cos they can fall and break their bones - like I wouldn't also fall and break my bones :P Funny.

Earlier this afternoon, I was in his office talking about fridges this time round. We needed sponsors for both the fridge and freezers. He promptly called my CTO and told him to sponsor for the fridge which costs about $1K. So ex! Exclaimed CTO. I'm taking the $5K freezer already. Be glad I never ask you for that, said the MD. Back in my mind, I wonder if the CTO had been approached before and agreed to donate "something" already or the call really caught him by surprise and he was "forced" to agree because "charity is good" and that the benefits of it are "out of this world".

Frankly speaking, I think the way rich people spend money are really different from the poor. What diamond water?! Boiling tap water causes carceogenic compounds to be present in the water? Even if it might be, the body has its ways of self renewing isn't it? Some of these particles present in small quantities are always gotton rid of by your body's natural cycles isn't it? I've drank boiled water for decades now. If its really bad, I'd probably die of cancer by now.

He also told Sister, not to feed the children too much chicken, cos they are all injected with plenty of hormones to make them grow bigger, faster. Well, I gave this some thought and thought it may well be true. Children nowadays do grow taller at a younger age. Well, we invented these technology to help us and now we get worried with our own inventions. There's bird flu, mad cow and I don't know what else. Even vegetables have pesticides. Don't eat? Live on supplements? Those "healthcare" company really know how to convince you to buy their supplements. (The MD and many of those sitting inside there are his supporters). He really makes an impression on people.

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Of Men & Mice

Literally "mice" aka "lao shu".

I attended BEC again and this statement really amuses me:

Said the instructor, men only train what they can see in the mirror. Chest, biceps and abs. I gave it some thought and realised its true! It certainly portrays them as creatures of vanity, something I find quite amusing because I never thought of men and vanity in this light.

I can only relate to this because I've seen how often the men (apart from hogging the machines and thinking that we women do not know how to use them) pumping the iron so hard (versus men saying women running on the cardio machines in desperate attempt to lose weight) at the machines as though the iron would by osmosis creep into their biceps or chest. And then drinking their expensive after workout shakes.

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Friday, November 11, 2005

Charity Begins At Home

Charity begins at home. Today I realised that my colleauges were actually forced to donate to Community Chest every month through their payroll. Donations come from your heart but yet, the amount to be donated is "criticised". Huh? Only $1? Well, I wouldn't mind donating 1K if I earned 10K every month! I seriously don't know which camp they belong to. I think its only a matter of time its my turn, once he realises it.

I've never been a huge fan of recurring donations. I mean, so what if you have the dollars and cents. And especially if you're well-to-do, money is really nothing. If you really have the heart, I think its even better if you volunteer your services than volunteer your money.

Does it make you less of a good person if you don't donate to THIS charity? I'm not against cash contributions, but when you're mentally and psychologically forced to donate because your manager or your VP or your managing director forces you to..the more I think about it, the more I wonder if all you're trying to do is to get publicity for the company than the charity.

I parted with $100 recently for Club Rainbow. And for goodness sake, I still need to pay for GST. And the person hawking it to me told me that "people normally donate $50/mth". In my mind, I was thinking, do you get commission for this? Are you sure most people donate $50/mth? That's $600/year. The minimun option on the form was $30/mth. Mind you, each deduction still incurs a charge, which explains why people pay once a year. If one can be forking out the money for a good cause, shouldn't these miscellaneous charges be waived? I asked if there are other ways of helping, he briefing told me about bringing the kids out for outings while still emphasising that "normal" people can only help financially because special training is required for the rest. This roughly translates to...I want you to donate money.

If I call in to some xx foundation/society, its not toll free and not GST free and who earns? My bet, the service providers. Which is why, I never did.

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

I'm Not Important

Suddenly feel inspired after reading 2 blogs.

I'm getting old, grumpy and jaded. Why? Is life so miserable? Am I not satisfied despite having enough to eat and a roof over my head? I keep getting morbid dreams recently.

People who don't know me, they judge me. People seldom do things "because I say so". They don't hear me. Then they tell me that I didn't say. Well, if someone wants to hear, I wouldn't need to repeat myself time and again. Things always happen without me knowing. I'm just expected to follow, perhaps preferably without question. I get different treatment when I sprain my ankle compared to when the same thing happens to someone else. If anything were to happen, I'd probably be the last to know, if I ever knew. I think I must be the last on anyone's list of preferential treatment. When we need to accomodate, its usually to accomodate someone else.

Shouting to get noticed is not me. I feel like I'm just part of the wall or the trees in the park. Maybe, even transparent. Everyday, as I watch people pass by, they do not notice me. I go shopping, the salesger will ignore mem thinking I probably can't pay. The salesboy questions my eligibility to own a credit card.

Well, I still think, I'm not important, there are too many examples to quote. Forget it. I'll just accept it, live and let live.

Still, there are still the occassional good times. I know I should be thankful for them. I'll remember them. As we grow older, we truely see wherein lies our good friends. At the end of the day, I guess, if I'm not important to everyone else, I should learn to make myself feel important, to no one else but myself, to entertain myself and make myself happy!

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I Told You MEN Are Irritating

Irritating MAN #1

2 days ago, I was at Chinatown, wanting to take a look at beads and pearls. So I went to Mix and Match. There was a man distributing pamphlets for what turned out to be for a facial place. He handed me a brochure, but didn't let go. He pulled me towards him with the brochure and said i should really try this DNA crap thing. Handed me over to his 2 SYT salesy people. They asked me to sit down in a chair and instantly covered me with a towel. They want to really make sure you don't run away huh? First you hand me a brochure that you won't let go, then you cover me with a towel (the way they do when you go for facials).

Trial? What rots! They gave me the sales pitch. I had to spend $58 to do a trial of their DNA shit. Of cos I didn't buy it. I didn't see the need to waste money. But the salesgirls so cleverly tell me that its not a waste of money and very worth it. I repeated myself 3 times loud and clear. THERE IS NO NEED TO. CRAP. Now that i think about it, they are so pushy here in public, what more when you visit their salon.

IDIOT. I should have just let go and walk away when he didn't let go of the brochure.

Irritating MAN #2

I'm not fat, I really am not. And therefore I don't understand why someone else who is also not fat has to take HIS place beside me and still have his hip and thigh in contact with mine when he is on the outter seat and I am squeezed all the way in. I felt like just telling him, Mister, can you please not sit so close to me. But I figure not lest he says something else to disgrace me in public space. I don't like it when strangers sit in that proximity to me, male or otherwise. That is MY space.

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My Affinity with 'S'

Have I said it before? I seem to have an affinity with 'S'. First, there was S**, then S** and now, S******. I will call them S1, S2 and S3.

There are many nice and warm people at S1 but is not such a nice place to be in afterall. Sooner or later, something will happen and it has.

Just my luck to have met nasty people at S2. I left. Hearing about this person from Sharon, seems like its not new to her. Recently, a friend told me she is sian of S2. She wants to attend a 2-day course but has a crazy clause stuck to it. In the end, she didn't go for the course. She wants to get out but can't too because she has no knowledge to pass on bacause whatever has to be done is always being delayed. Finally she has decided to wait for the money and see.

Finally at S3, it's still too early to tell. But seeing the 'mood' of my lunch kakis. The answer is pretty clear. I'll just wait and see and bid my time.

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Christmas is here again

Christmas is a time of love and joy and sharing and friends

Strange, usually I love Christmas. I've always did, since young. As a child, I'd look forward to the parties. Then there were the presents. When I grew a little older, I just loved the carols and ambience and the spirit of it all. When I got even older, there was the X'mas shopping but I never did anything about them, and still the presents to receive and celebrate. Now, I think it has become a case of buying myself something to make myself happy and we all know it doesn't work after a while. Nonetheless, each year, I'd still buy a little something, just to make myself happier.

This year, I'm just very grumpy. I'm turning into a grumpy old woman. Has life become so meaningless that we celebrate festivities lesser and lesser?

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An Indian discovered that nobody can create a folder anywhere named as"con" in his computer.This is something pretty cool...and unbelievable... At Microsoft thewhole Team, including Bill Gates, couldn't answer why this happened!Try it out yourself...

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I had a presentation (ok, it was more like a discussion cum sharing session) with all the big shots. Some 10 people there. My verdict: it's like TPAC meeting. No, it didn't start extremely late, 15 mins late. Halfway through, they veered off track to discuss about dollars and cents. Hearing the MD and the BD debating about the focus we should be adopting etc. It was VERY off track. OMG. The MD practically made some comment after every sentence I spoke. And sometimes, its not related at all!

Either it was coincidental or not. The BD dir was sitting beside me and he filled in quite a bit of information for me.

After the presentation, he actually feels paiseh that 2 ladies were left there to keep the laptop and projector. I think I've not met such a guy to make such a comment in a long time. Well, before you start thinking about anything else, he's not young, not hunk, not good looking, is very myopic, married and has 3 kids.

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Legend of Zorro

This is yet another show of heroes and heroines, seemingly set in the Spanish community. Yet another show that shows how true love understands and can conquer all fears. And the hero obviously saves the day.

Leave your brains at the door for this one because the hero performs feats more exaggerating and ridiculous than Jackie Chan. They have exceptional balancing skills. As for the heroine, her makeup, hair and dress is never messed up despite all the fighting and running around. She does not perspire a drop. She can run around and fight in her elaborate espanol dress with can cans and all.

Length: 2.0
Zzz factor: 1.5
Overall: 3.5

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