Sunday, September 19, 2004

An Insurance Agent..

Last day of my freedom.

And just my luck to meet this sickening insurance agent when I decided to walk home instead of taking the bus. Never in my life have I met someone as shameless and thick-skinned as him. Every sentence coming out of his mouth seems to be peppered with "shuai-ge". Of course, he was referring to himself.

To think he stood so close to me, invading my private space. Gross. I was inching my way away from him all the way. His "shuai-ge" peppered sentences nearly made me puke. Cos he is really nowhere near what he said. Well, I guess his sweet nothings didn't work on me. Too bad then, I'm really not 16 years old. Are all insurance agents trained to sweet talk? Baah..

That aside, I highly suspect he doesn' really know what he's trying to sell as well...

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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ms Siti Aminah

It's been nearly 10 years, a whole decade. I visited YJ today. Many things has changed and many teachers different. I finally got a chance to see what the new uniform looked like. There was also a new extension block and of course, the staff room has expanded to also occupy the 3rd storey. It's been so long, I could barely find my way around anymore.

Ms Aminah is still the same except that she looked older. Well, it's been 10 years. It's always like that, nothing beats sitting down, reminiscing the good old days. Simply unforgettable. And to think she still has the "cartoon" we drew for her, of her in BATA shoes and a "I Love Shopping" bag..

I do miss the good old days.

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Monday, September 13, 2004

Love is forever

Just finished a conversation with a friend of more than 10 years.

Love is rubbish. There is no such thing as forever. Love today doesn't promise love tomorrow simply because people change. You cannot avoid it, neither can you predict when it will hit. Sad it is, but love is like a fairy tale. Every girl's dream, so near, yet so faraway. Fairy tales don't exist, besides, you can't dream all day long. :P

Marraige is not a necessity anymore. Because, people do make mistakes and people can get married for the wrong reasons. For some, even in the face of problems, refuse to acknowledge it, sinking deeper and deeper. A piece of paper is definitely worthless compared to your own happiness at stake.

I'm watching 2 drama serials now that I have all the time in the world. Soapy drama serials....
In one, a business man father values his "face" so much..he swears to do everything he could so that the wedding will carry on. In another, an ever understanding father said this to his daughter when she wanted to call off the wedding. His explaination to all who knew, was just a one time effort. It is nothing compared to a lifetime of happiness for his daughter.

The runaway bride, I call happens in everyday life too...

People also love for all the wrong reasons. Out of gratitude, out of responsibility and of course, for love....For all these wrong reasons, no one will ever know it, except for themselves. Some choose to live in denial while others simply live with it. Its a choice each of us make. No right or wrong but for better or for worse, we'll have to bear the consequences till death do us part.

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End of Holidays

I'm getting the "Monday Blues" already. Don't feel like moving my lazy butt. The thought of having to wake up early to travel across half the island is not a very pretty thought. Bleah...
There's just so many things I want to do but not have the time for it.

The life of a dog. I really hate the corporate uniform and staying in the office is not my cup of tea. I need space! And staring at the screen in the space of a 4ft by 4ft space is not what I'd like to do for 8 hours (or more) a day.

Now...time for some navigation....just how do I get to Airport Boulevard??

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