Friday, October 29, 2004

My Handsome Boy...

I figure, he needs extremely little sleep or I'm totally useless. He sleeps so little and is always bursting with energy. He's awake when I sleep at night. Way before I'm awake in the morning, he's there all ready already. His weird antics never seem to amuse me :) And you just melt each time you see him in action *beam*

He loves, paper. Any forms of paper. It ranges from junk mail, brochures, mailers to the core of your kitchen towels or toilet rolls. It's his favourite toy. In fact, he's play "snatch" with you over paper. No papers? It's ok. Plastic bags do just fine. Err...that's assuming you don't have food with you.

Totally huggable, simply irresistable :)

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Bonds that Binds

I am still feeling the after effects of a good gathering. No matter how crappy I think things become, friends make the journey so much more worthwhile. The journey seems shorter, the road seems less bumpy.

No, I haven't changed my mind. Still think it is the crappy session it is. Deception, hidden agendas and what nots. Focusing on all the wrong things for the wrong reasons...

I learnt to look on the brighter side. Bigger, better, brighter.
Always look on the bright side of life :)

For everything else...HECK!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Art of Brain-Washing

Life is like a play and the world is your stage. The people are like your soldiers under manipulative spells. Like a play, everyone has an important part to play. Like a play, you are called into your role you fulfill. And like a play, your destiny has been set from day 0.

Hidden behind the beautiful facade of beautiful words and noble visions, psychological manipulation abounds. Whether you call it persuading, convincing, logical reasoning or sharing, there's a known phenonmenon called brain-washing. One has to admit, there lies minute hints of toying with your emotional and mental insecurities of the human being. The flesh is weak.

It comes as no surprise when you're coming from that field of work, really.

I abhor "underhand" tactics to achieve selfish whimps and fancies. I detest and despise such fakery. Beautiful literature is nothing but empty vessels that toy with your feelings endlessly. The heart is an organ, it feels. Passion is seen in actions no words can define. A sincere heart can be felt. I speak no more.

I admit, I'm straight, I'm direct. Perhaps, that's why I'm stupid too. It doesn't matter and I don't care. Life goes on, we learn to cope. That's what makes LIFE interesting, isn't it?


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Monday, October 25, 2004


Had a quick gather with 2 of my girlfriends last Fri. I am thankful for friends who bothered, friends who genuinely want to know how each of us are doing, for bothering to take time out once in a while.

At the same time, another dropped me a message over friendster. We were supposed to have met and caught up eons ago. Its been years and we never met. I remember how we did almost every project, tutorial together. Braved the lectures and labs and got equally lost when we couldn't do our assignments. Failed together and eventually graduated together.

I sent a birthday wish to someone on Friday. She is someone, I can remember her home phone, her home tel, her home address and postal code. Nah...I'm not amazing or so bored I had to memorise someone's address, she just happened to stay in the next block when I was young. There was this time she irritated me so much when she just went on and on about meeting guys and how WE should be lowering our expectations or going out to meet guys cos WE are getting "old and unwanted" because WE were too "fussy". I really thought it was just her. I taught her how to cycle back in the secondary days. We graduated and have been busy with our own lives ever since keeping in touch only occassionally via email. A good 10 years later, she appeared again, telling me she forgot how to cycle. We eventually met and caught up at Bishan Park.

It's amazing what girlfriends can do. It's a love-hate relationship. At times you get so mad you think you're going to have nothing to do with the person from now on. Yet, there's simply no way for you to leave them alone. It's amazing how girlfriends can stick to you and outlive your boyfriends and even better the relationship you have with your spouse :P It's amazing how even though you screamed and shouted or lost your temper (and then felt bad later on), they're still there.

The dictionary defines a friend as a person whom one knows, likes, and trusts. And a girlfriend is simply, a female friend. Simple words but big meanings.

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Thursday, October 21, 2004

My Loti Dog

I have a dog. His name is Shandy, Jolly Shandy.
This morning...he ate my bread, again!
Stupid dog...always eating my bread. He sneaked into my room....
Always stealing my stuff and he only steals stuff from my room!


I gave him a smack on his butt, he looked at me with that soulful eyes of his...

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Miss Dive

I bumped into my DM outside HMV. She's married to an instructor now. They are still diving as much as before. We chatted a lot and it just reminds me of how much I missed diving. There are 2 DMs who I really missed. I met Pam and Darren during my AOW days and I always wondered how they were doing. Darren, is probably an instructor now? And as I found out, he's left Apache.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Presence:: Taking things for granted

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile,you could miss it." What is PRESENCE?

A man going abroad to work leaves his fiancee crying. "Don't worry, I will write you everyday", he said. For years he did write her.But since he was happy with his job, he had no immediate plans of going home.

One day, he received a wedding invitation. His girlfriend was scheduled to be married. To whom? To the mailman bringing regularly the letters of her boyfriend! Indeed, distance does make hearts flounder.

The poor boyfriend surely explained, "What went wrong? I sent her letters, chocolates, and flowers." then relationships go wrong, the list of things given and done for the person usually crops up. We say, "I have given you this and that...I have done these things for you." It seems that love is simply proven by the bestowal of gifts and favors. But while presents are important, love demands what is basic: 'presence of the beloved'.

I have observed for instance, the orchids of my mother's. When she's away for a long time, they are unhealthy and many of them wither. But when she is around, they bloom with beautiful flowers. My mother does nothing exceptional. She just spends much time talking and caressing them. I guess persons all the more require a caring presence.

Love is fundamentally a commitment to a person. We may becommitted to our business, job, hobby, sports and clubs. But strictly speaking, they cannot love us back. Only a person can love us in return, and for that matter, the highest commitment as human beings, is spending time with those persons we love. And since people need affection and nourishment, material things can only help up to a certain degree in fostering love. But it can never replace the greatest gift of presence becuz everyone needs someone - beit friends, parents, siblings or simply that 'special' one.

Being there for someone need not necessary mean having to say a lot. Words are sometimes redundant. Remember that 'presence' (to be therefor someone) is more than enough.

"What Is Most Valuable Is Not What You Have In Your Life, But Who You Have In Your Life"

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Friday, October 01, 2004

The man who changed on board

I think it happens in other countries, I've heard it. But this is the first time I see such a thing in Singapore.

It was a wet morning as usual. It had stopped raining but the ground was wet. The bus was crowded and I was sleepily in a daze and wishing weekend would be here soon. I was seated in the first row of the bus. This Chinese man in his early 30s caught my attention. He changed on the bus!

Well, ok. It's ok to put on a shirt on top of your tight t-shirt. It's also ok to tuck in your shirt. But he had to unbuckle his belt. Then he proceeded to put on his tie and then plonked himself down on the empty seat beside me. I guess it wasn't _that_ obscene or anything but it just doesn't look nice right?! In front of the whole bus.

I mean, I've seen gals putting on makeup and all. But change, this is something new.

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