Thursday, August 31, 2006


Depression kills. Negativity poisons. A 32 year old architect is said to have jumped off the building where I work at about the midnight hour of Aug 29. I mean, I've heard of people killing themselves at home, jumping off from some x storey. It could be due to various reasons. I've also heard of people dying at work and people no one knew about it. But, to jump off the building sounds serious and for sure you wonder about the reasons that forced her off the edge. What is an architect doing in the office at midnight, in this seventh month?

While many would agree its stupidity to end life for work, I hope someone would wake up their idea. But I guess, reality would be a far cry from that. As if an employee number matters.

That being said, we've been spending lunches talking about people in cubicles and the coming "restructuring" and me, still feeling sore about the dollars and sense. To say I've been poisoned is not untrue. But surely no one can poison if facts present otherwise?

Nothing has been going right. It's just not my year. My CA trip is now on the rocks after a whole series of bad encounters this year, leaving me more depressed. It's September. 3 more months to go.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Rainbow Waterfall

Ever touch rainbow b4. These ladies did it! 1
Originally uploaded by luwaihong.
Tucked in the quiet little town of Sungei Lembing, there's a rainbow right at the bottom of the waterfall. It's beautiful isn't it?

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Monday, August 21, 2006

My Tioman LOB

We were actually far from Tioman, even though the title says Tioman LOB. A brave soul I was do an LOB with a bunch of "strangers" at ewok's invitation. I still cannot remember most of their names after 3 days of drifting on the great big ocean. The invitation wasn't that "open" to begin with, so everyone already knew everyone. I hadn't known that, I also hadn't known that we were just about the only 2 gals on board. Quite bad for a beginning huh? I'm not complaining, just not prepared. :P It was anyway, quite a new experience. I was lucky the world is just so small. I already knew one other person and met another before.

The beds were really comfortable (ok, they are not 5-star comfort) but well, they don't shake or creaklike that of bunkers and it was 一觉到天亮。My only complain remains that the ceiling was not high enough I couldn't sit up. Can't be complaining, it must be worst for the taller guys. I need to thank ewok for letting me have the upper bunk for that.

Visibility is quite bad in many places reaching only 3-5m in some places and 10m at best. But I also learnt that there are still things to see. A site we visited in the middle of the ocean had the best steals. SHARKS! Quite a cute little critter. They were all sleeping, some looking like leopards (they are leopard sharks), some like catfish. The object of my affection this time had to be the cute little moray eels. They look somewhat clownish and really adorable.

Tyre reef was a dive site strewn with nothing but huge tyres. The place was literally scattered with big and small land mines of sea urchins. We found this stupid nurse shark and puffer trying to find their way out of a net, it must have made its way in without knowing how to come out since we realised the net was opened. The dawn dive revealed the sleepy-head fishes. It was past 7am but some fishes were still sleeping when we "woke" them up.

I love the nature and the great outdoors, but I love the sea even more. Imagine waking up to hear the calls of the jack sparrows, the swallows. Imagine looking out at the sparkling waters, seeing the sun rise and set everyday, the wind blowing into your face as you fall asleep on the upper deck. I love the vast openess of the sea.

There are no photos to see this time because I've donated it to the sea. :(

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Marathons are getting increasingly popular, not forgetting its getting costly too. But there's another kind of marathon I've done since my younger days more than a decade ago. Chit-chatting through the internet (no, not IRC). I managed to squeeze in a couple of them recently and in the process, got to know a friend better. I'm thankful because these ocassions do not come by often. Amidst our busy schedules, its even harder to know anyone better at all. This can only happen in the still of the night when the person is right, the time is right, the conversation is right, the mood is right and you happen to be free. Time disappears faster than you say ee-va-po-rate. Well, I'm truly a night person, what can I say? Time just vanished into the night. I cannot recall when I last had a relaxing conversation like that.

On a similar note, someone I met at Settler's, tried to be get me to talk to him, the SMS way, the least of my favourite, at a time I was trying to catch some winks on the bus before heading for a discussion. The first conversation started with the cliche a/s/l single/dating/attached equivalent of IRC. (Minus one-hundred marks) The gals need not guess what sort of answer(treatment) he got. Well, I did reply, but 4 hours later, and not the questions. That's what happens when the time is wrong, the conversation is wrong, the mood is wrong and I'm not free. :P

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Monday, August 14, 2006

For Real

3 people attended a content management seminar, 1 IT, 1 Secretary and the last, from the Marketing Department. On returning to the office, they were to share with their colleauges what they have learnt. Some ficticious data was required...

Secretary types
8am, followed by event name, etc.

Marketing department types
Flowery language promoting products and services.

IT types....

I burst out laughing. The above is a real scenario that happened at a friends company. It's so true.

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Fun on BOSU

I finally went onto the BOSU at the gym today! It was really exciting and very difficult, but being able to accomplish the exercises gives tremendous satisfaction. Switch on that CORE. Self torture, some might say. I guess it is. Some 6 years ago, I always wondered about people who could become so attached to exercising and would never in my life imagine myself to be one as well. Well, exercise generates happy hormones and does more than a bar of chocolates can benefit and comes at zero calories. It's been a long time since I seriously trained. Today, I feel GOOD!

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Settling at Settler's

I FINALLY got to go to Settler's. Woo Hoo! Prior to this, I actually heard and tried a couple of times but failed to get a place successfully. An event came along just as the gals were talking about it a couple of weeks back. True to my belief, I waited to register just in case someone becomes a pilot. We ought to go more often, well, if time allows.

It has been an afternoon filled with lots of fun an laughter, arranged in a style much like speed dating, except that the focus was on playing the games instead of talking to one another, amidst all the junk food, sweet drinks and shrilly shrieks. They have some 400 games imported there.

Caught the SFF. I thought it was ok. Fireworks, as romantic as they may seem, don't seem to fascinate me any more, especially with all the crowd around you. But still it is not common sight. So there is still _some_ reason to want to watch it. On hindsight, I've never seen LPS so crowded.

A stupid homosapien irritated me. With a maid and two kids in tow, she certainly thought the whole world had to give way to her on a crowded train thinking it was a first class cabin. Demanding I give way in a less than polite manner, accusing me of something untrue and finally having a problem with my sexy butt. No point wasting my time. If you have a concern with your kids facing my butt, then YOU move. Common sense tells you its going to be a crowded train if you're going to catch the fireworks in town.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006


I've not seen whole durians sitting at home for a long time. One day, I saw a whole durian in the fridge, half and half. Of course it ended up in my stomach, for dinner. Today, I had durians again. I must say that, durians fresh out of the green thorny shells gives you much more satisfaction and definitely has more flavour. That being said, no wonder picking your own durians from the forests, and eating it there and then, gives the most satisfaction! Well, not that I have ever succeeded in it before.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Treatment for Abrasions

Conventional treatment of abrasions and road rash included treating the area by cleaning the wound with mild soap and water or a mild antiseptic wash (hydrogen peroxide), and then covering the area with an antibiotic ointment and a dry dressing. New evidence shows that this treatment approach actually may cause tissue damage and increase healing time. (See Immediate Steps for Treating Abrasions). It has also been shown that the use of antiseptics, such as hydrogen peroxide "can actually cause harm to the tissue and interfer with function, which can further increase the injury and lengthen the healing process. Topical antimicrobials have been shown to be detrimental to fibroblasts and other cells needed for wound restoration." (Basler, et al, 2001)

While a severe abrasion should be seen and abraded (cleaned) by a physician, there are some things you can do to help the healing process on your own. The recommended method of treating abrasions and road rash injuries includes the follows steps. First, because abrasions can easily become infected, you should clean the area thoroughly and remove any dirt and debris. Ideally, you want to irrigate the area with nontoxic surfactant (0.9% sodium chloride or Shur-Clens) under some pressure (use a syringe if possible). The area must be completely clean. If necessary, use a clean gauze to gently scrub the area. Do not scrub vigorously, as this can cause more tissue damage.

Use a semi-permeable dressing (Tegaderm, Bioclusive or Second Skin, for instance) to cover the wound and attach the dressing to dry healthy skin with adhesive tape. The dressing should be changed every few days. Keep the wound moist until it has healed. A moist environment will promote healing through improved cell migration and gaseous exchange, ease of removal of excess exudate, protection from bacteria and other contaminants. (Basler et al, 2001).

Your tetanus status is very important to avoid infection and if you aren't certain when you had your last tetanus shot or if your last booster was more than 10 years ago, you should see a physician and get a tetanus immunization. Tetanus is an acute infectious disease in which the voluntary muscles go into spasm. It is not only caused by stepping on a rusty nail. It can also "develop in wounds in which the flesh is torn or burned." (See Adults Need Tetanus Shots, Too).

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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Someone once told me, leaders are born, not made. But someone else also said, leaders can be groomed. The difference between the two, is intricate. Born leaders demand respect. They expect people to respect them, listen to them, do things their way. No questions asked. All based on the premise that the string of letters under their name weighs 1g more. The other kind of leader, well, somewhat earns your respect. Well, even if they are not quite successful, at least they try.

I'm sure everyone agrees that respect ought to be earned. However, I have yet to see it in the leaders who have been at their post for over 2 decades.

"Because I say so..."
"Because my name is boss."

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Monday, August 07, 2006

Month of Mooncakes

If there is a single thing I never got tired of eating, it must be this. I loved it as a kid and I still am the big kid. I loved the ones that came in colourful "baskets" and I laid my hands on every single colour I could. Luckily, in those days, there was only red, yellow and green. Well, actually, 1 was never enough. Even as I lay in the hospital bed during the awful dengue fever, the 2 piggies from Goodwood Park hotel my dad bought brought instant glitter. It is really nothing but flour and sugar. However, some old habits die hard. I'm really a simple girl who revels in the simplest things.

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Friday, August 04, 2006

Hiking vs Chiong Sua

It takes nothing but plain fitness to chiong sua. But its a different story altogether when you see an outdoor adventurer, a seasoned hiker and an experienced leader. From the ignorant, weak, less than fit lass, I have hiked and camped with different people and slowly come to appreciate all of the above. What better skill to own than self-help? What more important than safety? Perhaps pride? Perhaps ego? It's not a matter of if, it's really a matter of when.

I can't help but feel a tad sad when someone hints he is fit enough when he has yet to attempt simpler expeditions. I was probably still "drinking milk" when he was already chionging in the jungles. I have learnt tolerance and endurance. I have learnt understanding and forgiveness. I have learnt, leave it to Mother Nature.

Though it is better to be fit than not, there is really much more to hiking than the bystander can see and understand.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Backside Itchy

  1. Contract term + long 6-month trial period is double penalty.
  2. There is no such thing called proration in DEC
  3. Half a year passes.
  4. There is no proration again in JUL
  5. Contracts get nothing at the annual review.
  6. Market is picking up.
  7. Phone is ringing.
  8. I speak, dollars and sense.
  9. Time to go shopping.

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A: I am keen to join your outdoor activities.
Me: Are you on the mailing list? If so, you will get updates of the coming activities which might be of interest to you. Activities are open to the public and we welcome everyone.

A: Do you have a forecast of activities for next month?
Me: There will be a trip to ABC Waterfall in September. Stay tuned. We will release the information soon.

A: September when? You know there is this XYZ. I can't go during this period.
Me: (like I care) Please look out for it in the yahoogroup. The organisers will release the details once things are finalised.

A: I have join the yahoogroup but yet to receive any outing activities..
Me: You will receive them when the organiser sends them out when they are ready.

(Puke blood) Luckily, I only have to repeat myself 3x.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Gunung Belumut, 1010m

Be "Baptised by Belumut", as one of my friends would loudly exclaim. Legend has it that Belumut is "siong" for she had to suffer from the side effects of a delicious "big bao" as we were were hiking up IN THE NIGHT, with HEAVY PACKS and incessant RAIN, which ultimately left us WET and HEAVY throughout the whole trip, suffering from extreme DEPRESSION and LOW MORALE on a New Years Day when the whole world was counting down. I was there. Mention Belumut, we will all curse and swear.

For the first time, I slept on a bed before the start of a hiking trip. The verdict? I prefer the open space for I spent half the night sniffing away. For the first time, in a long time, the weather was good. For the first time, in a long time, I returned with a lighter pack. For the first time, I slept at a height of 900m. For the first time, in a long time, I had clear unobstructed view of the dark and beautiful night skies. There were so many "things" moving in the sky. It's amazing. This is really my only wish. And I was granted my wish. :)

It was a mad rush to reach the train station at 830pm after work in exchange for NOT carrying a 50+10L to work. I arrived in grandeur as I alighted from the London cab at the old Tangjong Pagar Train Station. The train was more than punctual. Started almost on time and I found myself at Kluang close to midnight. Trip leader says, we will go and look for a hotel. I thought he was kidding. Do you mean, sleep outside the hotel? I jokingly asked. We really spent the night at the 'hotel' after a more than sumptous supper.

Daybreak and simple breakfast at the KPT. We bought out return bus tickets and were well on our way to Gunung Belumut in our 3 by 3s. The hiking started at 945am, stopping along the way for lunch and to rest. Belumut starts with a relatively easy terrain which gradually became steeper and the air, more chilly.

For a height almost that of Ophir which most beginner/easy hikers take 2 days to summit (witchling, now you know why Ophir is siong), we had to summit in a day, naturally, the terrain is steep. It started to rain slightly in the early afternoon. Thankfully, the rain stopped and the sky cleared but the cold wind remained. We had our chicken rice and watercress soup dinner.

It's 9pm. The good news came, the stars are out! We decided to take an easy 5-min walk to Botak Hill, original campsite if not for the stupid rain. Along the way, we caught a glimpse of the city view illuminated by the crescent moon. What a view! We has a clear 360-degree, unobstructed view of the night sky on the highest point of Kluang. We saw SHOOTING! There's really nothing fascinating about shooting stars, but in all its rarity, its hard not to be excited. I must have made FH quite mad, cos he didn't manage to catch any of the shooting stars we gals did. Don't worry, there will always be a next time.

It's so dark we saw so much more. You would never have known there were so many moving objects in the sky. 9 people on a "romantic" night like this, imagination starts running wild as we imagined ourselves to be lying on the landing pad of some alien spaceship, imagining there were UFOs in the sky. The cold gradually became unbearable in our minimum warm clothing. We took in the last of the night sky and finished up our freshly prepared longan, luo han guo dessert and headed back.

For the amount of time we took to summit, we took about 2 hours to descend. Quickly washed up, quickly went to town and quickly wolved down our lunch at a Chinese restaurant and headed home. Lunch was a simple affair but very delicious. You can tell they take pride in their cooking, compared to Singapore (when I sometimes think I cook better).

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