Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Backup Plan

An online survey done on 100 singles ladies (inspired by the movie – The Back-up Plan) recently, the interesting result is as follows:

Survey details
  1. Gender – All ladies
  2. Sampling size – 100
  3. Age : 21-50Insights & Findings
1. At what age will you give up finding a life partner?
10% of the ladies will give up looking for a partner at the young age of 30
20% of the ladies by 35
25% of the ladies by 40
Conclusion : 55% of all single ladies will give up looking for a life partner by age of 40

2. What is your biggest difficulty in finding a life partner?
23% of the ladies said the biggest difficulty they face in looking for a partner is “They always attract the wrong kind of men to them”
18% of the ladies – ‘The men I find suitable are mostly attached, or married or gays
17% of the ladies – “I am rather picky in finding a life partner
Conclusion : Being too busy and being shy are not longer the main reasons why single ladies cannot find a partner

3. What is your biggest Turn-off of Men?
16% - “Insensitive”
14% - Not generous
14% – over sized male ego
Conclusion : All 3 have to do with a man’s character, not is personality or habits

4. What is your Back-up Plan should you remain single all your life?
24% - engage in social work for the rest of their lives should they not find a partner·
22% - work way past retirement age
13% - just find a companion with no marriage in mind
Conclusion : Almost 50% of all single women will be able to find meaningful substitute should they remain single all their lives.

5. Positive Mindset & Outlook
45% of the ladies wanted “a positive mindset and outlook in life” as prime quality when comes to find a “father” of their child?
41% of the ladies wanted “smart and sensible”
Conclusion : A positive Mindset and life outlook are still precious qualities all women look for in a man should they really find a man to “father” their child

6. If you really want a man to father your child, what would you do?
39 % of the ladies said should they really want to be a single parent without getting married, they would find another man with the same intention.
29% of the ladies would go for artificial insemination
Conclusion : 39% of the single women who like to be a single parent would seek the help of another like minded male, either through artificial insemination or natural ***


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