Sunday, November 05, 2006

La Marche de L'Empereur (Luc Jacquet)

I love animals, all creatures big and small. Did anyone know that? Finally got to catch March of the Penguins. Truly, a remarkable story about a life so precious and fragile, the ardous journey of bringing just one single chick to this world.

Emperor penguins live where most other creatures flee. It takes a good 9 months to get baby penguins.And the remainder 3 Summer months are spent in the Ocean. When the sun and moon meets halfway, Penguins walk for 10 days to a safe place (w/o food) to meet and dance for each other, find a partner, mate. Keep up or be left behind and condemned. The winter months are long and harsh with blizzard storms and dark. Penguins huddle together for strength, warmth and encouragement. The male and the female have only a single goal, to defend the precious life nested under downy feathers.

3 months passes, Mum has egg under her downy feathers, getting hungrier by the day. Dad takes over the following months until Mum returns. Clumsy penguins accidentally break the egg in the process, Egg freezes. Game over.

Mum travels 10 days to where she came from, in search for food and to bring food back in time for the little one so that the famished father can relinquish his responsibility and hunt for food. Some, never make it back. A snap from the Sealion takes 2 lives, the mother and the chick, who will never be fed. If Mum didn't return in time, Chick would be abandoned.

Chick is born in Spring. They are cold and need food. Some never made it. They died from the cold and hunger. Soon, Chick is strong enough to be out from under Mum. But rejoice not, for there is Bird. Penguins seek solace in numbers but the unfortunate chick is taken away. Dad returns. It is summer. Family gathers a last time before returning back to the sea for the next 3 Summer months. Next Winter, they will return to this place again. Cycle continues.

Nature works in wonderful ways, yet at the same time, cruel. But such is the way of the world and a survival of the fittest. What is love? A love of the emperor penguins, is truly remarkable.


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