Sunday, October 08, 2006


Program line up was good. The whole program begins with a 1-hour session for the newbies at 10am, followed by a 50-min belly session, a 3-hour aerobic marathon in the afternoon, a Dancesearch (reminds me of So You Think You Can Dance?), followed by a yoga session at 7pm in the evening.

It all began with a terribly slow long queue during registration, followed by a 1-hour session of Experience Fitness with 3 20-min segments worth of Latino, Kickbox and StretchFit. The queue was so slow, that at 10am, there was still a queue visibly snaking at the registration booth. Apparently, the people handling the booths are just poorly trained and couldn't care less.

BellyBlitz is a workout inspired with belly dance moves. If you're into belly dancing, this workout removes the gracious beauty of the mythical arabian dance. So was it a good workout? If you perform the isolations well enough, maybe.

Taking out the hip-hop segment was the best thing to have happened. I mean, it's just not suitable for the most of the population. So it got replaced with a cardio latino. It was fun with its cha-cha & salsa moves.

Kickbox and Hi-Lo followed. Routine was simple and easy to follow. However, I must complain about the instructor leading the exercise, not doing the exercise, really. Towards the end of the 3rd hour, I must say, he lost it. And I could tell at least 50% of the crowd had no idea what was going on as well (had a feeling the remainder of the 50% or less were "their own members/people").

Every year, 2 or more prizes will go to someone whose employer is also the organizer. I do wonder about an event that draws a 1200 participant crowd. Is it really to promote an active lifestyle amongst the ladies here or for themselves? Afterall, such nature of activities are what they do for a living. I do recall filling in lucky draw slips that disqualifies all employess and direct families from taking part. I think it ought to be the same in this case.

Till then, I'll eagerly await WDO2007.

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