Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Pink London Cab

Late for work again as usual. I was just telling someone how I worked longer hours at my first job but somehow it's just not as tiring as the way I currently spend my 9 hours now. Haha, maybe I should just opt to work 16-hour days and have no time for myself huh?

Anyway, I boarded a pretty, bright, pink London Cab today, complete with a couple of pink accessories like My Melody tissue box. Quaint and retro, it certainly makes for a good wedding car, I think! HONK! HONK!

Many years ago, my cousin got married the London Cab way, but I just wasn't too excited at the cream coloured vehicle. It somehow feels different with this pink one. It looks happy and cheerful and not kuniang or girlish, given its pink theme. Anyway, I thought this picture I ripped off here didn't do too much justice to the niceness of the pink cab either. A much better job could have been done. For those who are interested, take a look at the cab with your own eyes. I'm a miser with compliments but this is worth taking a look =)

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