Saturday, October 14, 2006

Peanut Paste, My favourite!

I chanced upon 美香园甜品 in Hougang Mall by accident and the mini queue caught my eye. On second look, my favourite 花生湖! Well, besides trying brownies everywhere, this is something else I try everywhere. Enough taste, silky, smooth, not overpowering and not starchy. Going for $2.50 a bowl. I like it so much, so $2.50 wouldn't be unreasonable given that, its really not easy finding this delicacy locally. Right, did you know 花生湖 is really not easy to find. These shops can be selling every 湖 there is except 花生湖. Don't believe, try looking. Their mango and pomelo dessert going for $3.50 seems to be enjoying a pretty fast turnover.

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