Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Korean Experience

It was a mistake, a grave mistake. I should have just stayed on in Canada.

Spent 3 nights in Seoul after landing Incheon and settled at Somerset Palace, a service apartment booked on corporate discount. IMO, it was booked without too much thought because "accomodation is expensive in Korea". I beg to differ. I bet you can find very decent hostels for lesser money. And I did.

This auntie rebutt, "that kind ah, very uncomfortable one, space small small...yada yada..." I didn't bother defending since they eat salt and I eat rice.

Truth be told, I felt it injustice to have to share the cost of a service apartment with living space, kitchen, washing machines, cookers and cutlery all thrown in (and not utilised), but I had no bed to call my own (shared a super single). Both aunties occupied the queen while the "family" suffered with the "alternatives".

"Accomodation in Korea is very expensive, 2 hotel rooms easily cost you $x. You might as well get a service apartment."

Well, at least I would have more than 0.5 of a super single bed, I thought. I know it can be done, I have. But that's not the point.

Accomodation aside, sightseeing was expensive, we dropped the idea of a day tour and opted for DIY. That can't be such a bad idea I thought. I was wrong again. I spent 80% of the time looking at "auntie clothing" in cramped up spaces built like a maze. First, I don't really like shopping, second, I speed shop, third, those aunties really took their BLOODY OWN SWEET TIME.

The women here are immaculate. From the young executive to the stall kepper and even the roadsweeper auntie puts on obvious makeup. It's funny how some Koreans are very tall and the older generation, obviously shorter.

Food in Korea is nice. It's kimchi world. Whatever we get back home is actually quite close to what they have. Korean food doesn't differ much. They all taste the same after some time. The aunties didn't like it the least. I fell in love with the rice cakes here.

Overall, I didn't think too much of Korea, it has never been on top of my MUST GO places even though there are the scenic spots of Winter Sonata to "die" for. Koreans are RUDE right down to the core, shoving their way pass everything to get through and having no respect for queues in their own country. I was nearly run down by an ah pek with a huge cart.

If you love K-dramas, do not visit Korea. It simply spoils the perfectly crafted image.

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