Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I really do not think too highly of the intern sitting near me.

They sleep out in the open several times a day, blast the music (can't say this is all that bad) so the entire office shares his playlist, watch anime openly so that I can hear it as well, it was really loud. My new colleauge and I shot quizzical looks at one another and shrugged our shoulders.

Today over lunch (yes, we have lunch together), he proclaimed that he needs to sleep so he could go for track & field training later in the evening. Next, he attempted to asked my colleauge if he could go off earlier for his training which starts at 5.30 pm (Work hours end at 6 pm). So my colleauge asked him how often he needs to do this. "Actually, my track & field training is everyday." I guess he was just trying his luck for he later proposed if he could leave earlier on x & y day and make up for it on a, b, c day. In any case, he didn't get it either way because it was referred "up".

I've had interns under me before from the good to the mediocre and somewhat not-so-good ones. But this one has really pushed his luck too far. Luckily, he ain't mine. I have only one remark, young, immature and haven't seen how high the sky is. In any case, after working for close to 7 years, I haven't gotton the chance to see the other end of the rainbow either.


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