Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I'm at it again

Trying to be the expert when I really am not. It only takes a real expert to tear away my external facade to find that I am really just an empty shell. So what am I really doing? Writing proposals on technologies I've never used. And reading up doesn't automatically qualify me as an expert. So what happens when we get the job, I go figure. This does not translate to getting external vendors's help, you wish. I will probably be the one wiping the backsides of many.

What am I doing next? Preparing another proposal to convince people to part with their money. It's tremendous effort to keep up with the facade that HE has created for me. (Yeah, please take a good look at yourself in the mirror) It's pretty obvious I don't see eye to eye with the style of decision making.

I am the way, come follow me. It is the style and the way. It reminds me of _someone's_ antics back in the days of BBS. "Because I say so." Don't you just feel helpless? It eats you up from inside. Slapping a 2 months on me is not going to make me any more loyal than I am now. Yes, you can surely see that I am sore over the fact that my employee number has changed.

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