Sunday, August 13, 2006

Settling at Settler's

I FINALLY got to go to Settler's. Woo Hoo! Prior to this, I actually heard and tried a couple of times but failed to get a place successfully. An event came along just as the gals were talking about it a couple of weeks back. True to my belief, I waited to register just in case someone becomes a pilot. We ought to go more often, well, if time allows.

It has been an afternoon filled with lots of fun an laughter, arranged in a style much like speed dating, except that the focus was on playing the games instead of talking to one another, amidst all the junk food, sweet drinks and shrilly shrieks. They have some 400 games imported there.

Caught the SFF. I thought it was ok. Fireworks, as romantic as they may seem, don't seem to fascinate me any more, especially with all the crowd around you. But still it is not common sight. So there is still _some_ reason to want to watch it. On hindsight, I've never seen LPS so crowded.

A stupid homosapien irritated me. With a maid and two kids in tow, she certainly thought the whole world had to give way to her on a crowded train thinking it was a first class cabin. Demanding I give way in a less than polite manner, accusing me of something untrue and finally having a problem with my sexy butt. No point wasting my time. If you have a concern with your kids facing my butt, then YOU move. Common sense tells you its going to be a crowded train if you're going to catch the fireworks in town.

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