Monday, August 21, 2006

My Tioman LOB

We were actually far from Tioman, even though the title says Tioman LOB. A brave soul I was do an LOB with a bunch of "strangers" at ewok's invitation. I still cannot remember most of their names after 3 days of drifting on the great big ocean. The invitation wasn't that "open" to begin with, so everyone already knew everyone. I hadn't known that, I also hadn't known that we were just about the only 2 gals on board. Quite bad for a beginning huh? I'm not complaining, just not prepared. :P It was anyway, quite a new experience. I was lucky the world is just so small. I already knew one other person and met another before.

The beds were really comfortable (ok, they are not 5-star comfort) but well, they don't shake or creaklike that of bunkers and it was 一觉到天亮。My only complain remains that the ceiling was not high enough I couldn't sit up. Can't be complaining, it must be worst for the taller guys. I need to thank ewok for letting me have the upper bunk for that.

Visibility is quite bad in many places reaching only 3-5m in some places and 10m at best. But I also learnt that there are still things to see. A site we visited in the middle of the ocean had the best steals. SHARKS! Quite a cute little critter. They were all sleeping, some looking like leopards (they are leopard sharks), some like catfish. The object of my affection this time had to be the cute little moray eels. They look somewhat clownish and really adorable.

Tyre reef was a dive site strewn with nothing but huge tyres. The place was literally scattered with big and small land mines of sea urchins. We found this stupid nurse shark and puffer trying to find their way out of a net, it must have made its way in without knowing how to come out since we realised the net was opened. The dawn dive revealed the sleepy-head fishes. It was past 7am but some fishes were still sleeping when we "woke" them up.

I love the nature and the great outdoors, but I love the sea even more. Imagine waking up to hear the calls of the jack sparrows, the swallows. Imagine looking out at the sparkling waters, seeing the sun rise and set everyday, the wind blowing into your face as you fall asleep on the upper deck. I love the vast openess of the sea.

There are no photos to see this time because I've donated it to the sea. :(

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