Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Marathons are getting increasingly popular, not forgetting its getting costly too. But there's another kind of marathon I've done since my younger days more than a decade ago. Chit-chatting through the internet (no, not IRC). I managed to squeeze in a couple of them recently and in the process, got to know a friend better. I'm thankful because these ocassions do not come by often. Amidst our busy schedules, its even harder to know anyone better at all. This can only happen in the still of the night when the person is right, the time is right, the conversation is right, the mood is right and you happen to be free. Time disappears faster than you say ee-va-po-rate. Well, I'm truly a night person, what can I say? Time just vanished into the night. I cannot recall when I last had a relaxing conversation like that.

On a similar note, someone I met at Settler's, tried to be get me to talk to him, the SMS way, the least of my favourite, at a time I was trying to catch some winks on the bus before heading for a discussion. The first conversation started with the cliche a/s/l single/dating/attached equivalent of IRC. (Minus one-hundred marks) The gals need not guess what sort of answer(treatment) he got. Well, I did reply, but 4 hours later, and not the questions. That's what happens when the time is wrong, the conversation is wrong, the mood is wrong and I'm not free. :P

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