Friday, August 04, 2006

Hiking vs Chiong Sua

It takes nothing but plain fitness to chiong sua. But its a different story altogether when you see an outdoor adventurer, a seasoned hiker and an experienced leader. From the ignorant, weak, less than fit lass, I have hiked and camped with different people and slowly come to appreciate all of the above. What better skill to own than self-help? What more important than safety? Perhaps pride? Perhaps ego? It's not a matter of if, it's really a matter of when.

I can't help but feel a tad sad when someone hints he is fit enough when he has yet to attempt simpler expeditions. I was probably still "drinking milk" when he was already chionging in the jungles. I have learnt tolerance and endurance. I have learnt understanding and forgiveness. I have learnt, leave it to Mother Nature.

Though it is better to be fit than not, there is really much more to hiking than the bystander can see and understand.

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