Thursday, August 31, 2006


Depression kills. Negativity poisons. A 32 year old architect is said to have jumped off the building where I work at about the midnight hour of Aug 29. I mean, I've heard of people killing themselves at home, jumping off from some x storey. It could be due to various reasons. I've also heard of people dying at work and people no one knew about it. But, to jump off the building sounds serious and for sure you wonder about the reasons that forced her off the edge. What is an architect doing in the office at midnight, in this seventh month?

While many would agree its stupidity to end life for work, I hope someone would wake up their idea. But I guess, reality would be a far cry from that. As if an employee number matters.

That being said, we've been spending lunches talking about people in cubicles and the coming "restructuring" and me, still feeling sore about the dollars and sense. To say I've been poisoned is not untrue. But surely no one can poison if facts present otherwise?

Nothing has been going right. It's just not my year. My CA trip is now on the rocks after a whole series of bad encounters this year, leaving me more depressed. It's September. 3 more months to go.

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