Thursday, July 13, 2006

Walking Home

Walking home on a beautiful moonlit night is such a wonder, with a quiet solitude that only on on days like these do you feel it. It is in times like this that you gaze at the wonder of the universe, of the moon so bright, beautiful and round with a magnetic effect that kept my head held up against her face.

There are many things that technology brings. Speed, convenience and all that you can think. But the beautiful sights and sounds, of a person quietly walking beside you, better yet if it was a he holding your hand in the still of the night, the air crisp, the leaves rustling in the slight breeze, sounds of a typical neighbourhood moving by, dogs barking from within their apartments, people taking their late dinners at the KPT in their workout and/or office attire, the guitar strumming and flashing lights of the TV set bouncing off the ceiling. I could name more. I saw all of that in just one night, tonight, all by myself. For all the conveniences that technology brings, it gives us none of the simplest things in life that we really ought to treasure.

Years ago, I would never have walked home even if I had the choice. Today, I realised what I've been missing.

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