Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Finally, someone is talking sense.

They should have thought about it 10 years ago, my goodness. To date, my longest wait was a good 45 minutes outside PSA building. We all know how near PSA bldg is to the then WTC terminal, where the bus originates. I am not kidding. 20 minutes is bad enough. Those who have tried waiting for bus 200 will atest to that. Who cares about why the frequency is odd. I am a consumer.

Next, partial AC. Even a ratio of 2:10 still qualifies as partial AC isn't it? What happens then is that, when the morning is crowded and sweltering hot, the non AC would come, leaving you sticky and you arrive at your destination with the latest hair style in town. When the moon awakes, the night is nice and cool and the air smells a little better, the empty, freezing bus greets you, leaving you with no where to hide. If you're lucky, its one bus, otherwise, you wait thrice to take 3 buses from point A to point B.

The planners. I wonder what they have been doing for the last decade, withdrawing useful routes and coming up with an all inclusive one that ensures that you know Singapore like the back of your hand. It takes something like 15 minutes by car and one-and-a-half god damn hours by bus. I am supposed to understand that they withdrew a route because it is not profitable. It is very irritating to have a bus come every other minute when you're waiting for the one that comes once every half hourly. It sounds exaggerated but it happens.

They say, the fare hikes are much lesser than the salary increments. Has anyone proven that ALL companies received an increment? Based on the mathematical logic of car owners who are also decision makers, maybe it makes sense. This is the power of averages, percentages and statistics.

The joke of the day had to be that, on the day they announced the hike, the NEL malfunctioned. Tens and thousands of people were affected. It's quite a paradox because technology is supposed to help us be more efficient.

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