Monday, July 03, 2006

SCUBA stands for self contained underwater breathing appratus

Another weekend in Aur is not something foreign. The water remained the same as the marine life but spotted many more things than I normally would. Graceful turtles, magical cuttles, tiny jellies, photogenic nemos, colourful nudis, strange worms, eels, fancy cucumbers, shy crabs, colourless shrimps, silvery barracudas, touch-me-not stones, defensive triggers, playful parrots etc. I return from every trip with verbal diarrhoea.

Everyone should dive once in their life. 3 more have taken the giant stride. One managed to overcome her fear of water and the other 2 beaming from cheek to cheek, gushing endlessly despite some knocks and scratches. I'm so proud of them. Each of us enjoyed ourselves in our own way with plenty of jokes and laughter, mimicking _someone's_ antics (it's contagious), and vit C.

The boat ride was terrible. I am very thankful for being fairly resistant to rocky seas. Poor Bee, my heart goes out to her but yet I can't do anything. Damn the flu. I nearly couldn't dive. Gave up my first dive. It's jellyfish season and the tiny jellies looked like a single, tiny molecule of floating debris in the sea unlike the round ones we know.

The night dive was beautiful. I remember how Yam and HoWing were shaking their heads when a silly gal like me spent "wasteful money" on a torch that cost so much more than your ordinary torch when we were at ADEX. Now they finally know why. :)

The last dive ended with the DM bringing us to 'Holland'. We had to swim back against the drift. On surfacing, had to swim back to the god-damn-far-away boat, then decided the shore was nearer. This is part and parcel of diving. This is not a swimming pool and No one gurantees calm seas and nice waters all the time. Which is why the only favour we can do for ourselves is to be prepared and sufficiently equipped. It is Mother Nature's ways of teaching us. "See, I told you diving is dangerous, I repeat, so is crossing the road."

I witness the 2 GARANG DM/Instructor from the other school on the same boat. I smirk silently and I shake my head. Was there a need of such display, I think not. Yes, you're good, you're strong and you're skillful. True skills need no display. Wait till Mother Nature teaches you what GARANG really means. When you look at a diver, don't forget to look at the teacher.

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