Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I did 2 sessions of Rhythm. Rhythm forms the fundamentals of Waltz. Some say its a little like Foxtrot. You simply 'draw' many 'V's as your travel in your line of dance. It's MUCH slower and its easier to think it to be easier, like I did. I wasn't quite right though the steps were so easy. Whatever that looks seemingly easy (slow) seems harder to master.

I couldn't turn without looking like rolly polly the first few times. And when you get so obsessed with the steps, you forget your beats. In this dance, you're allowed to sway unlike traditional ballroom, where you just have to be very upright, which makes it look very much like a happy, relaxed dance. Its great for couples and the perfect wedding dance to do. The music is just too romantic to resist.

A classmate was going for his Samba exams. Wow..SAMBA is HOT (like chilli, as the name implies) and very beautiful to watch. A little like Salsa, but you travel around the ballroom. It is in fact a very "showy" dance with plenty of "shine" moves. I will ask my cousin to teach me when I'm over there.

It's such a pity most guys do not appreciate dance. They ALL think its kuniang. Dance to them mostly means, shaking their bon bons at some club *bleah* trying to look stylo milo but end up looking milo dinosaur. To date, I've only met ONE "non senior citizen" guy who self proclaims his interest for dancing. As for the guys at Salsa, you really have no idea if its for the salsa or the hot babes that FIRST motivated them :P

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