Monday, July 24, 2006

Pasir Panjang Ridge

For a second day in a row, I awake from my slumber at the unearthly hour of 7am. I'm certainly not a morning person. But a good hearty BREAKFAST with some FRIENDS could tempt me enough. I took the NEL to HFC for the first time. It was quite fast. I would have waited for the bus if I had more time so as to continue with my slumber.

Coffee Club breakfast was not bad. I preferred Coffee Bean. Maybe I should try Starbucks (witchling's recommendation) one of these days. Let's go for breakfast again! :)

To think I studied and worked here for some 7 years without realising a wonderful place existed. We had to start from SP1 because some dratted cycling race was going on and eventually found ourselves behind Normanton Park. I had no idea that Kent Ridge was just behind Normanton. Everything in a park is man-made, from the roads to the ponds to even the plants, that were planted in neat rows and decorated the walkways.

Someone came to feed the fishes, we saw the red earred terrapins too. We found a cute little squirrel scurrying about on its tree. The guide told us that someone argued that the squirrel should rightfully be the national mascot. It wasn't long before we reached the ridge line as the beautiful breeze welcomed us. The viewing point presented a clear view of the southern islands from end to end.

I like seeing big trees. It brings me back to my childhood days as we walked through the tembusus and realised that there were many things that were not natural to Singapore. The story traces back to history when the Australian and British were in Singapore. It certainly amazed me when the Aussie Eucalyptus Tree could be found here. Many people come here. Joggers, families, pets. It goes to show how people still do appreciate the greenery.

The walk ended at the Reflections of Bukit Chandu where we found 2 people drawing their potraits. Reading about history and the WWII reminds me of my ah ma who lived to tell vivid stories of the past when I was a little girl. It is a reminder that the peace we now enjoy should never be taken for granted as our forefathers paid for it in sweat and blood.

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