Saturday, July 22, 2006

Nice Friendship

People say, the best mirror is a true friend. Indeed.

On the contrary its very much easier to just be nice to the people around you, including the best of friends. Isn't it easier to try to maintain peace, harmony, remain cordial and careful not to offend at all times? The depth of a friendship, is not measured by how nice you can be to one another, by the amount of happy times you shared and not by how much you understand of each other, through being nice.

Nice friends are everywhere, they are easy to find and easy to get along with when all is fancy and fine. Be nice, because this way, everyone will be happy.

Mirror, mirror on the wall... you realise it isn't easy pointing out flaws at all.

Like a pimple rearing its ugly head, we don't want to see them and wish they never existed. You wouldn't do that to someone you just met, would you? And if you didn't care a little more, would you have bothered? I wouldn't. It's really much easier keeping the comments to yourself and be the nice friend you always wanted to be.

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