Sunday, July 09, 2006

I Can't Wait...

I can't wait. So while I can't wait, I've stuck a "weather sticker" into my blog. I'm going to be there very soon! This morning, it's 7pm over there. I spotted it at a low of 16 degrees C with thunderstorms. I hate to be cold.

I can't wait. Sentosa actually has a place that has NEVER been subjected to human and urban development! And I'm going to be there next weekend. I can't wait!

Finally met the woman behind wildsingapore. She is one really warm, happy woman with a big heart. And I really respect her passion for all that she has done! I learnt a lot in the short afternoon gathering. And got caught in someone else's shot while showing my group how to use the spoilt compass (the new compass came apart). It's no surprise that MANY people do not know how to use a compass. It is another no surprise that only 2 of a group of about 60 are first aid trained. I guess we all _know_, first aid is important. But that's where it starts, and stops.

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