Sunday, July 09, 2006

Don't Know What To Say

It is on one of the rare occassions that I paid Bukit Timah Nature Reserve again. It's really not my favourite place but I went since its been quite a while. And so I dragged myself out of bed on a nice cosy morning.

A friend's secondary school kid came along with a friend of his dad whom we know (does this sound complicated?) He was a quiet little boy, very shy too. No, he is not the subject of what I'm going to say next.

I was just wondering if its really such a big deal to have attended a lot of courses that someone would brag about it as though its his own son. I'm quite sure the kid wasn't expecting it either. No doubt, he is certainly an accomplished kid. Kids nowadays are rather accomplished compared to days of our time. APC, SFA, CPR etc. Is it really so important? I mean, is there a need to make a deliberate attempt to highlight his "achievements" out of the blue? *scratch head* The way I interprete it, simply another person looking for a 3rd person to agree with him.

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