Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Khatib Bongsu Ramble

I chanced upon this place tucked away in an ulu corner of Yishun, a place I never knew despite not being a new comer to the town, online. Armed with a lousy map which I didn't print, off I went. It was raining cats and dogs and had half the morning wasted. Still I was pretty stubborn, not wanting to give up. In return for my stubborness, I found Yishun Fish Pond at the end of the route. Yishun Fish Pond is open 24 hours, every Sunday.

Evidence of an old abandoned kampung can be easily spotted as we saw discarded tables, televisions, toilet bowls, rubber tubings and tyres amidst all the greenery. Some construction seems to be going on. Soon, this place will belong to one of the town parks in Singapore. We had kampung dogs, big and small butterflies, crikets, weird beetles and what keng calls "stupid bird" for company. We were walking along the main road that was tarred. Many smaller trails branched off like the tributaries of a river.

Take a closer look and interesting flora and fauna could be spotted. In fact, my first sighting was a rare find to me. Animals are hard to find cos they run away long before you see them. To justify my point, this waterhen hiding under the shrubs was running away from me when I went too close to it to see something else.

Wild yam, tapioca, papaya and banana trees were common sight. There were majestic bird's nest ferns, huge job's tears, indian eggplants, "yihui's earring" and many more I don't recognise. I found the mimosa here to be seriously retarded. They were larger but took ages before it started to tell you "touch-me-not". At a juncture, one would notice pick-up lorries along the way. Our noses tell us that they must be here for the durians. A little further down, you would notice the start of the mangroves on both sides of the road.

Along the way, there were cars and bicycles passing by. We knew there was bound to be "something" inside. At the end of the walk, we came to a fish pond as the road came to an end. There were many anglers here and the fishes didn't seem hard to lure. A little girl nearly fell into the pond as she was attempting to net her dad's catch.

I saw how the fish breathed its last, bleeding. I saw how the hook was mercilessly ripped off its jaw, totally devoid of feelings. For the same reason, there's no way you'll ever catch me fishing, ever.

The long way in seemed much shorter as we were making our way out. It took us only about 30 minutes. This place is worth exploring. We'll be back again.

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