Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Fuzzy Logic

He: Where's your laptop?
Me: At home. (of cos its at home when I have a desktop at work)
He: You don't need it?
Me: Use it at home to work.
He: To surf internet
Me: To work.
He: If I take it back? Since you're not doing BD now.
Me: (thinks) I only support BD (it's ECA), blame it on the one who's not using his resources well.
Me: Then I have to get a new one.
He: You're working, you can afford your own machine. Should get one. A desktop is very cheap.
Me: (thinks) Buying my laptop so that I can work at home? I'm not mad yet.
Me: The one at home is not stable and my brother is using it.
He: ISO how?
Me: (thinks) Damn, its barely a week. I have 1 month to clear the NCs and Oet, bs. Its not even July yet.
He: You're supposed to get it done already.
Me: Mostly done, some of the new documents yet to distribute. Need your signature.

... and the conversation continues....

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