Saturday, June 10, 2006

Be A Responsible Person

I met a (new) diver with an obviously weaker diver for a girlfriend. I felt like telling him, if you're good, you're good. That is just so me. But I spared the ego bruise and kept quiet instead.

You don't need an anchor (steel rod he uses for an anchor while he gets his shot). Rods are a bad idea. They place the rods everywhere they will never place their fingers. His reason? Everyone is doing it. It brings me to wonder what these commercially driven schools are trying to do while earning their bucks. Getting wonderful pictures while causing marine life distress/damage is nothing to be very proud of, much less shout to the world. Its just plain selfish behaviour. Soon, there'll be nothing left to see because everything has been destroyed.

With lousy dive ethics, lousy skills & safety practises (they drank themselves so silly the night before they were still breathing alcohol during the dive), something is going to happen one day. Its not a matter of 'if', its a matter of 'when'. Just wait and see.

I have taken pictures myself and I know it is more difficult. My camera is limited yes, even when marine life is limited. I still managed to capture very good pictures.

Don't learn to run before you learn how to walk. If you cannot dive properly, forget the camera. If you cannot handle the surfs, waves, currents and the stress, forget the camera. If you cannot handle your own safety, forget the camera. Live for the next dive.

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