Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ms Body Perfect

I'm Ms Body Perfect, like real. Not many people have that "correct" postural alignment. It affects the way you do many simple things such as walking, standing, squatting, lying etc and how it causes strain on the rest of your body unnecessarily if you don't do it right.

It was exhausting attending a workshop that teaches integrated corrective exercise. You get an insight into the locomotion of the musculoskeletal system and assessments are carried out to discover weight shift ability. Strategies are developed to address postural control and integrity. You are scrutinised for the simplest activities such as walking and the implications behind it. For each exercise, you can't do much more than 5 repetitions without losing form.

There's a story that goes about how a burly man can lift the heaviest weights in the gym but get injured picking up a piece of paper on the floor. The body is just not accustomed to such light weights it does not know how to react.

It comes as a surprise that many of us actually do not know how to recruit our muscles properly and end up using the wrong muscles for the wrong thing. We cause injury to ourselves unknowingly. The body compensates through some other means. And we all know what happens when you use something for a purpose it was not designed for.

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