Wednesday, May 17, 2006

He Who Has A Student Pass

2 weeks ago, I wasted a good 2 hours haggling with him (You can cancel a policy within 14 days of receiving your policy, I have yet to smell mine). I already considered myself to be kinder than my usual self. So much for coming from the top agency on top of "Always Listening, Always Understanding". He was a mule who not only did not understand, did not listen too. Allan Pease is right (Men do not listen).

It makes no sense, I explained, I justified in every way logical and mathematical. It turned on deaf ears. All he was interested in was to convince me what he is selling is good, despite the number of times I repeated my stand. I don't deny its a good plan. But I love HL milk, why insist I must like Daisy? It must be the commission.

It was not until I smacked him in the face by telling him that he should be customising the plan to my needs/preferences instead of trying to force me to be thinking like him. He finally gave up and counter proposed plan B, insisting we meet up so I could bring my other policies for him to review. He didn't get it that I was giving all sorts of excuses to prevent myself from seeing him another time.

I'll analyse it one last time. This first class hons chap, is just practising what has been taught to him, regurgitating whatever he learnt with engineering precision, its what I call, 死读书,读死书.

Today, almost a month after I first expressed my disinterest in the policy (or him), he reluctantly cancelled it. I found the perfect excuse, my policies were with my agent. With his last breath, he got referals (while scrolling through my mobile, knowing the answers myself, I blatantly asked, want financial planners?) He tried to make another appointment for introducing plan B and C to me because "I needed to think about it". If I need you, I'll look for you. Peer pressure doesn't score points with me. He said I had no empathy, sympathy, whatever. He's right, I'm cold-blooded. Dinnosaurs SHOULD be cold-blooded.

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