Wednesday, April 05, 2006

System.out.println("INFINITE LOOP");

I cannot help it if I look like Ms Tau, or if other people want to think and make it worse. It doesn't matter for they are people who know me not; they understand me not.

Let it be, so be it. If majority wins, I concede defeat.

We have our own benchmarks, expectations and value systems. It isn't fair to pass a judgement before you have come understand the person a little better. But life isn't fair. We are too easily influenced by what we thought we heard, we hear from the other sources and thus carve an incriminating evidence on our minds even before we see, hear or feel. The belief is often too easily made more concrete by looking for a 3rd party who thinks and feels the same as you do. Unity is strength. Together we stand.

The deaf frog jumped his way to the top of the well, simply because he was deaf to the negative remarks while the others all fell away on hearing them.

It takes 2 hands to clap.

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