Saturday, April 01, 2006

Boyfriend Rule No 1

Perhaps it is genetically programmed. Bee and I have come to the conclusion that some guys are just very focused. (Don't get me wrong, being focused is a good trait.) We all got the same name...I mean, the first part. But tong ren bu tong ming, even though we need to accomplish something together. The lackadaisical attitude can be pretty unnerving. It's ok, I'll just close close one eye.

I took a course recently, and the instructor reminded me (us) of the long forgotton term called chicken wind. Try reading it out in chinese-hokkien. He said, guys are more prone to the chicken wind disease. Yes. I think its very true.

So I came to the conclusion that, boyfriend rule no 1: He cannot be nice to you only.

Afterall, its quite natural for a guy to be nice to the gal, or rather, the prey. So how do you know if his character is what, to you is bearable? Something to tell you that perhaps things might just work? Maybe you will just know that 'he is the one' by using the force. Truth be told, marraiges are one of life's biggest gambles. And to reach there by accepting someone, is also a gamble. So prince charming is really nice to you and manages to sweep you off your feet. It is really no surprise, since he has decided to charm you. He HAS to be nice to you!

So time passes. And he gets sick of you and your idiosyncrasies. He discovers that you are not such a cinderella afterall. He begins to revert to his good old habits. You see a side of him totally foreign to you. Do you then say, "You've changed."?

Then again, I'm not saying the guy who is nice to everyone should be The One.

C'est la vie.

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