Friday, March 31, 2006

Poor Jolly Shandy

Last Saturday, I was out teaching Little Bee how to cycle. I still walked/jogged there despite knowing I would be late by about 10 minutes. BUT, she was VERY late! Hmph! She was one of those who apparent knew how to cycle a bit already and picked it up really fast, much faster than me some more than 10 years ago. I was far worse, no one could succeed at teaching me no matter how hard I tried and how hard they tried.

I went home, there was a worker outside my gates doing up the floor. I had to get my mum to open the door so he could place a plank across the ground to reach my house. My JS saw him and did what he normally would, BARK! The worker reminded my mum not to let him run out of the house.

Mum placed him onto the shoe rack of waist height nearby. My JS is terribly afraid of heights, so there was no way he would automatically jump off on his own. He wouldn't even jump off the sofa. I got into the house and gave him 2 pats on the head before turning around. Who knows, he tried to followed me and jumped off the rack!!

I was terrified as I saw the shoe slip off under him. Perhaps it was the shoe that slipped forcing him to jump. He ended up on the ground screaming in I don't know was pain or shock. He didn't move, but simply froze in that position, screaming. I dared not touch him, thinking he might have broken a bone or two.

Mum picked him up to cuddle and sayang. After some 10 to 15 minutes he was up and running about again. My poor heart, so pain...

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