Friday, March 31, 2006

Let's Salsa

I had my favourite ngoh hiang guan qiang at Maxwell market. It's not fantastically fantastic but it certainly has plenty of awards and foodie reviews. Its something I've had since I was a kid and absolutely loved it. Eating it again brings back fond memories. Its unlike any others I've tasted.

Today marks my 3rd attempt at salsa (again, I'm beginning to feel like a failure after trying to do it so many times) after getting inspiration from the fellow salseros and salseras from BOAT. Salsa is one of my 4 greatest addiction, it is something that you simply cannot resist. You hear the music and you want to move. You see people do it, you want to do the same and you just want to move! Then reality hits. Alas, you discover you cannot move as well as you wanted to...bummer!

First class today was boring with the 123.567. I was half asleep half the time, moving with zombie moves.

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