Saturday, March 04, 2006


It has been an eventful day. As I sit back and wonder, I wonder if it's my unlucky day.

First, there was this HUGE metre-long monitor lizard in my way, it was coloured the same colour as the floor and cleverly moving so slowly. I screamed. I was on a bike racing in its direction and its way too late to brake. The scream somewhat shocked the critter. One inch less and I would have been an instant murderer.

I don't normally talk on the phone and bike. This time, I did and I was on the bike going downhill, talking on the phone when this group of horrible guys were in my way. I did the most foolish thing of squeezing the brake and of course failed at controlling the lousy rented bike successfully. It sent me flying for about 1 to 1.5m. SHIT. Lucky I wasn't speeding, I thought, as I flew off the bike.

Well, if only the guys hadn't been standing there behaving as though the road belonged to their ah gong. I might have scraped thru performing a stunt I've never tried in my life before.

The aftermath was equally amusing. The guys who caught me trying to be super woman, stared at me. 2 guys came over for a closer look (but that was really all they did). Or were they waiting for me to faint or something? I think they were more stunned than I am.

I stood up, retrieved my mobile (which I had to drop to break the fall) to finish the conversation. Then, I picked up my belongings which had also flew out of my bag the way I flew off the bike. Quickly I put my things down and reached for the blue mountain to wash my abraded elbow, which had suffered the worst injuries.

FINALLY, I heard someone mutter, "Anyone got plaster?"

Deep inside, I was thinking, my goodness, plaster for my wound? U must be joking. "It's ok, I have it." I told them. (I had a full first aid it with me, complete with chlorohexidine)

The group continued to watch from a distance while the 2 guys continued to watch me from a distance totally engrossed and performing first aid on myself. I noticed they were still there after a while.

"It's ok. I'm fine.", So they left.

Back at home, I counted the amount of brusies, abrasions, scratches, cuts...numerous..I cannot finish counting them. The abrasion still refuses to dry....

The fall seems to have taken a lot of energy out of me. And I actually feel weak with a slight cough when I was perfectly fine before. My core is aching and that doesn't normally happen. Flying off the bike certainly takes a lot of strength.

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