Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Do the JIVE

I used to think its very difficult, after seeing some of those wowow competition moves.

Jive is an extremely happy dance that resembles Lindy Hop. It is also latin rock & roll. But while I think Lindy Hop is very coarse, Jive is much more graceful or maybe the teacher is such a sweet lady everything becomes instantly graceful. It's difficult not to be happy while moving to the beat. The turns are very pretty and very pleasant to the sight.

Also a partner dance, this is much easier than salsa or bachata since the men and women have the same moves. Back rock, side-close-side, side-close-side or back rock, side cha cha, other side cha-cha. While the men take the lead, this is quite a no-brainer for the ladies to just follow, move and spin.

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