Thursday, February 09, 2006

YOYO Diet is BAD for health

Yoyo diet is bad for health, very bad.

THEY came and THEY went. Over the span of the 4 days, we either ate a lot, non stop, or didn't eat. You know how the Chinese LOVE food. Any visitor from overseas definitely gets a taste of Chinese hospitality. On Wednesday, we took them around for our version of the Singapore City tour to the award winning Tampines new town, Sungei Api Api, the bomb shelthers, carparks, sustainable design technology NLB and showed them many other things.

We were kinda short of time. I had some milk in the morning. Earl grey at 11am and teh-si at 5pm. The first meal I had was actually at 830pm. My goodness, I was so hungry I felt the faintness creeping in on me. I literally had no energy to even talk.

I was so hungry that all I felt like having was junk food. I was craving for Macs. So I got a double cheese burger from there, topped with a berry nice yoghurt. After my meeting, I went back home and ate half a 'nian gao'. To think that I cannot usually take anything more than a Macs meal.

The bad eating habits continued the next day. I had lunch at 330pm. There was the morning tea this time since it was in the office. Had a tiny apply pie and teh-si this time. Still, lunch at past 3pm?!

Boss ordered the most unhealthy lunch of chicken rice, rojak, carrot cake, orr-lua and sugar cane juice. He wanted to give them a taste of how the local people eat at a nearby hawker centre. I am about the only person there finishing the food...because I just wanted to eat. I really think its because of the hunger the day before.

It's really bad because your body starves and metabollic rates drop. So when theres food, it tries to eat as much as possible because it thinks it has to stock up. And when you're so hungry, you just want to eat junk food..I felt every bit of it.

In this company, you either eat a lot or you don't eat. Tekan.

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