Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Day

I feel so compelled, or rather, inspired to blog about Valentine's Day.In a wink of an eye, yet another year has past. My blog is that old. Last year, I wrote about the origins of Valentine's Day. This year...I'll talk about dreams & expectations vs reality.

I had a most interesting conversation with a new friend I met. He asked me what I was gonna do on 14 Feb. And went on to tell me how I should actually try to go out with someone special. I guess he was surprised he had to be the one to tell me "It's Valentine's Day tomorrow." Well, of course I know. But does it matter?

Do I really need to find myself a date and pretend to be a couple in the streets? They say, Valentine's Day is a day for friends too. True, but I guess there isn't a pressing need to need to see my friends on Valentine's Day and at exhorbitant prices? Even if prices were reasonable, I'd really rather stay out of the crowd. To the singles, Valentine's Day is just another day. When there isn't anyone special to spend it with, I'm happier spending it doing something I like.

So much for expectations.

I went BD on the very day itself. I had another interesting conversation with a classmate. Apparently, Valentine's Day is a day when the men are supposed to become the knight in the shining armour to sweep you off your feet.

She shared her revelation of Valentine's Day. About how the gals in her office would excitedly anticipate the grand arrival of their bouquets. Apparently at the same time, comparing who had a bigger or more beautiful bouquet.

And as if that were not enough. Mind you, sending a bouquet has its rules too. If you're going to send one, then ensure your recipient receives it in the earlier part of the day or your efforts would render useless. Why? Because a bouquet on your table has the ability to put a smile on your face the entire day.

Well, so what happens when the girl did not receive anything? She would call her better half in a bad temper and perhaps sulk, throw tantrums, whatever. "So where's my thing?", she said. The clueless guy would of course reply in shock, "What thing?". Afterwhich, will cause the girl to either flare up even more or make her upset.

Yet, there are others who hoped their partners would plan something special. Treat them like a princess and make them feel loved. Thank goodness I'm not born a guy.

To some, celebrating Valentines Day, means receiving presents and being pampered almost seems to be a given. I must have it, otherwise he doesn't love me. I reserve my comments. Me, I rather be an average princess EVERYDAY than to be the most beautiful princess for a day.

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