Monday, February 06, 2006

The Shopping Queen Strikes.

The Shopping Queen Strikes again.

After the CNY frenzy. You would have thought that shopping should have ceased. Damn where I work now that I think its causing me to spend and for creating an excuse for me to spend when previously I was just very happy in my frumpy old clothes, some were bought when I first started work - and I didn't start working only last year.

Sales are everywhere, even more than before. I am the proud owner of 2 blouses and 1 cardi from Frontieer and The Little Matchgirl. All items 20% off.

The PS Frontieer is lousy. They lie through their teeth and tell you that you look very nice in whatever you are trying on when the fitting is just not right. They do not know their stuff well at all.

Me: What other colours does this come in?
Her: Just this.
Me: (I'm pretty sure I saw the orange one out there).


I sent my Casio for repair. Somehow its just dead. The girl told me that probably the solar backup battery is dead and needs to be changed. When I bought the watch, it supposedly claimed not to require battery changes since its solar powered u know? And I have been wearing it all the time.

The girl at the counter was lousy. All she could do is to repeat that its the solar backup battery that needs to be changed. Doesn't get what I'm driving at.

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