Friday, February 24, 2006

Over the weekend....

It was mid-weekend for me. I have done so many things in 1 day I thought a weekend had passed. It has been a fruitful one.

I attended the wedding of a friend I have known since more than 6 years ago. I see from the pictures, she is a happy bride. Time really flies and the girl I once knew has grown and blossomed into a beautiful woman. It is wonderful being able to witness this transformation. And like all married women, moving well on their way of what I call, domestication. It was the first Catholic church wedding I attended. Very different, very elaborate. Good experience. It was a pity I had to miss parts of it.

The videographer was terrible, fairly young chap, he must have wanted so much to be part of the fun that he gave the brothers all the clues as to where we hid the stuff. The photographer was a friend of an old time friend. The sisters spent the night drooling over how cute/cool/whatever he was.

I hate weddings. I hate having to pay for an expensive meal, a meaningless evening and too much unwanted calories. That is true of 90% of the weddings I attend. But for strange reasons, the weddings of your closest friends do remind you of the love in this cruel world we live in and that it exists so much so they have chosen to brave the unchartered waters called marraige.

My boss's boss boss, when he found out about my day's leave, just had to make this cock remark/s. Where got people have wedding on a weekday? Where got people have church weddings at night? Ask your friend to get married another day bla bla...I felt like strangling him. Either he's a toad or he's a toad. It makes sense to know that he is unmarried at this ripe old age.

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