Thursday, February 02, 2006


A different HE: Did you take the minutes just now?
ME: (stares blankly) huh? No one told me to take the minutes!
HE: Nevermind, I took down some notes just now.

Had a meeting today with professor. He was to share his ideas on "Green Technology" to us.
The way the memo was sent out, I had thought it was only just the people from my company and Prof. Alas, I was surprised by the whole gingang that turned up, filling the room till there was no seats left.

Nevermind. I'm an SA right? No one told me that I was required to take minutes. I don't remember seeing it in the appointment letter too.

WTH. They think we are there to take minutes for you. Its a favour that is out of scope and out of MY scope. They don't get it. The men, apart from not getting it, take things for granted. So, don't be too nice to them.

He got his NEW CAR of 2 months scratched while coming back from lunch. It was scratched while travelling down the multi-storey car park. Orbi-good. MEN are not such fantastic drivers too.

I think I'm beginning to turn into a MANHATER.

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