Wednesday, February 01, 2006


He: Do you know how to write minutes?
Me: No. (Of cos I do, but I'm not your sakateri)
He: (explains at length what MOM is for and the format) You don't know what minutes look like?
Me: I think different companies have different requirements and formats, uses etc.
Me: I'll redo it for you. (duma$$, if you know what u want, say so in the first place)

Damnit. He just used the S word on me.
*looks at my name card*
It says Systems Analyst. (I'm getting really anal now)

Cheapskate place thats too plain cheap to employ proper people for admin functions.
I've seen PAs in the company. There's corp comms and HR around.

If you need a PA, employ one, you're an MD.
If you need to entertain your guests, get your CC and HR.
Getting me to do it is just a very expensive way of doing things.

Sure, things get done, albeit, unwillingly.
Not trained + Zilch passion and heart while at it.
I'm sure the visitors are not 1d10t, they'll be able to tell.

Back to MOM:
If you already know what your MOM should look like and how you want it to be, then jolly well say so. It wasn't exactly a meeting in the first place. There were only 3 people in his office (not even a meeting room), there was no agenda. I only know about it less than an hour before the actual time. And he obviously has no idea what GIGO means.

Fine, I'll re-do the minutes.

Next thing I discovered, a memo cc-ed to the entire world in such a delightfully polite manner. Who cares. I'm an SA. Not sakateri, I have an excuse for being lousy at it.

Might I add, he's just so nosy to want to poke his nose everywhere, telling me I am what I eat and that I'm eating too much oily food, which explains why I'm breaking out. Do I have to tell you every detail about myself? And your limited knowledge is only about oily food and breaking out I'm sure. Some men, just don't get it.

"EXPOSURE", "PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT" - Don't give me this sh!t.

In this company of mostly men, the female of the species (especially if you're younger, prettier, a little more presentable) are just decorations.


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