Wednesday, February 01, 2006

How's Your Job?

Got job? Just do. I spent the last couple of days answering the "How's your job" question. To my lovely surprise, I discovered what I say echoes the sentiments of the ex-CLians. Got job? Just do lor. Doesn't matter what job. It sustains yours lifestyle; pays your bills & installments. That's about enough.

True enough, nothing is quite concrete nowadays. The line between a contract and a perm job is just a hazy blur. And the iron rice bowl no longer stands. With that, employers can't really expect us to just fall in love with our job or show some form of loyalty towards the hand that feeds us, can they? Well, they possibly can, but that is far from reality. After moving around a little, we have come to the conclusion that, its about the same everywhere. And in a matter of time, we will play "blow wind blow" and the cycle repeats.

I learnt something from my cousin. Its not necessarily a good thing to LOVE your job? Why? Because then, you'll turn into a workaholic and have no time for anything else.

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