Friday, February 17, 2006

Do you have an email?

My BD director was as usual telling his jokes. Jcokes that we hear a thousand times but his intended recipients are prolly new to. I've heard it so many timses I can repeat it now. Here it goes..

A long time ago, there was a man. He was very poor, received little education and wanted to look for a job. At his best, he could only write his name. But he was very well versed in areas of cleaning agents and such. So he applied to M$ to work as a janitor.

During the interview, the interviewer asked him what he knew. He certainly knew a lot. And was given the job. M$, being one of the largest technology firms around asked for his email address so they could get in touch with him. But the man was so poor he could not afford a computer, let alone have an email!

Depressed, he left the company thinking about the email address. He suddenly had an idea. WIth his last $5, he bought all the oranges he could from a stall and sold them to other people by going house to house. He soon finished selling his oranges. And with the money he made, he bought more oranges and sold to more people. The cycle repeated.

Ultimately, he became a successful entrepreneur and was interviewed one day by a reporter. At the end of the interview, he reporter asked him for his email, so that he could send him the write up. To this, he told the reporter that he had no email. The reporter was shocked. "How can this be?", he said. "You are such a successful in your business, I cannot imagine what you would be like if you had an email."

"I would then be a janitor in M$.", he said.

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