Sunday, February 05, 2006


Today is my 4th day (with tomorrow being the 5th) in a row I've been gyming after my successful procrastinations over the festive season. I desperately need to put my cardio back on track. In case you're wondering whether I have gone mad. No, I haven't. This is in preparation for the following week when I will become SA turned Public Relations Officer and tour guide. My nights are literally burnt. And I'll be spending ALL my lunches and dinners eating and eating. The thought of it is enough to make me sick.


It was drizzling slightly before evening came and the ground was wet. Still, a queue snaked from the entrance we were to enter. Got a spot not very fantastic, so it wasn't that easy to capture any good shots. The performance was so so and somewhat similar to the previous year. I noticed some of the materials recycled from the previous year. Some of the floats were really good, though. Somehow, the government has this inate ability to maintain everything in an orderly manner. The mess left behind was cleared so quickly. Traffice resumes so quickly. I am quite amazed. Though you can really see better at home on the TV (which I don't even if I'm at home), the atmosphere there is really better (minus the fact that they kept asking you to move inwards).


Have you ever gone out with people, only to feel alone? You asked, they pretended not to hear, changed the subject or played hard to get. Yet, bring subjects unknown to me right there and then. I think I don't really have to be at future meetings if there is no absolute need. Am I back at square one? The place can function well without me too.

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