Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Quite weird. The basic goes like 1 2 3 hip lift & drop. I even thought it was quite dumb to move like that. Sometimes the very deliberate attempt at hip lifts is quite comical, I have to restrain myself from laughing. Anyway, I ended up doing it because I have another 3 more lessons from my cardio salsa which I cannot attend anymore. The teacher offered me to join another class and yesterday was their 3rd. Like most social dances, its has a male lead female follow routine, which explains why I could pick it up fairly fast even though I still stepped on his poor foot twice. And some other times, looking very lost, following the guy without knowing what I was really doing. The class was small with only 2 couples there when I arrived. Before another guy (who ended up being my partner) joined the class, I started off dancing with the teacher, the same one who taught cardio salsa. I like her and she's really good.

Interestingly, my partner was a decently young chap when I was really expecting a bunch of older folks. He was tall (still obviously taller than me in my heels), lean and tanned. It has been a long time since I last danced with a stranger. It feels weird even though he has been relatively nice and patient. It was also scary dancing with him because he had a gaze that seemed to pierce right through you. I tried as much not to look at him and pretended to be thinking very hard, the dance steps. It's my first lesson afterall. And so, I spent a lot of time looking at the collar, because it was the easiest target to look at without lifting my head.

Although I think this is a dance with weird moves, I does still look quite nice and class when danced with a partner.

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